Wednesday, September 9, 2009

"Kuchh to likhna hai" Post :P

I'm here after a long long time.. There was so much to write still there was nothing..
I know.. It happens...

Anyway.. I desperately wanted to write something today, but no topic.. :P
So I opened my draft folder and I found two tags lying there. So I'm picking this one to satisfy my "writing-urge" :D

I'm really sorry I have completely forgotten that from which blog I have picked this one!! so nothing to tag.. :(

Here is the tag.. I'm striking out the ones which I've done.. :-)

Graduated high school.
yeah of course.. its like ages back.. :D

Kissed someone.
Ahem.. yes..

Smoked a cigarette.

Got so drunk you passed out.
Alas.. no.. :(

Rode every ride at an amusement park.
YES YES YES :D :D And it was fun.. and you know what.. the park was for us and only us.. I mean we directed the people there to put which ride on for us.. :D ANd trust me it was amusing... After all it was amusement park.. :)

Collected something stupid.
Umm.. if eclairs wrapper can be counted as a stupid thing.. :)

Gone to a rock concert.

Helped someone.

Gone fishing.

Watched four movies in one night.
yup!! i was alone at home.. :D

Lied to someone.

Snorted cocaine.

Smoked weed.

Failed a subject.
heheheh yes.. :D

Been in a car accident.

Been in a tornado.

Watched someone die.

Been to a funeral.

Burned yourself.
It means accidently right?? yes i have.. not once or twice.. but thrice!! :D

Run a marathon.
I mean I participated.. reached the venue and then even ran for 5 minutes then ..... went on to shop in a nearby market.. :P

Cried yourself to sleep.
Oh many many times.. Its almost my hobby.. ;-)

Spent over 10,000 bucks in one day.
Nahh.. 10k is too much.. :)

Flown on an aeroplane.

Cheated on someone.
Yes.. ;( ;( ;( ;( ;( I'M SORRY!

Been cheated on.

Written a 10 page letter.
Oh many times.. :D

Gone skiing.

Been sailing.

Cut yourself.
hehehhe.. you know what.. I once stapled my index finger.. :P actually I was checking if it can staple a finger.. :D :D

Had a best friend.

Lost someone you loved.

Got into trouble for something you didnt do
Yes every time i fall into trouble..Mujhe to yahi lagta hai that its not my fault.. :P

Stolen a book from the library.
I mean not exactly stolen.. but I did try to hide some books into other shelf so that other students cant borrow it.. :P I know.. very bad.. :P But that was way back in school..

Gone to a different country.

Watched the Harry Potter movies.
Not movies but movie.. And I almost slept through it.. Harry potter is not my cup of tea.. :-/

Had an online diary.
You are reading it!

Fired a gun.
that diwali gun I mean.. :D :D

Gambled in a casino.

Been in a school play.

Been fired from a job.

Taken a lie detector test.

Swam with dolphins.

Voted for someone on a reality TVshow.
YES !! Proudly for Abhijit Sawant (Indian Idol) and Alina Wadiwala (Big Boss).. :D

Written poetry.

Read more than 20 books a year.
Only if you include course books as well..

Gone to Europe.

Loved someone you shouldn't have.
oh yes.. And I'm still regretting it!! He has made my life hell.. :-/

Used a coloring book over age 12.
Iska kya matlab hai!!

Had a surgery.

Had stitches.

Taken a Taxi.

Had more than 5 IM conversations going on at once.

Been in a fist fight.

Suffered any form of abuse.

Had a pet.

Petted a wild animal.

Had your own credit card & bought something with it.

Dyed your hair.

Got a tattoo.

Had something pierced.

Got straight As.
hain?? matlab??

Known someone personally with HIV or AIDS.

Taken pictures with a webcam.

Lost something expensive.

Gone to sleep with music on.

I hope this post lets me open up once again.. and I can regularly update my blog..
till then.. Cya.. :-)

P.S. I just love this pic.. :-)