Sunday, May 24, 2009


Last week was a little hectic..Internal assessment was gng on in college, So I was supposed to study .Though I hardly made any new interconnection between the neurons but still whole room was smelling profusely of academic books and the usual mess of papers and novels took a back seat..
So I was all set with the paraphernalia associated with the exam like a pile of xeroxed notes from collected from last 5year's nerds , lib. refrence books and usual dose of maggi was bought in case of emmergency craving for food at night..

But all pre-studies efforts went futile (except the maggi :P) coz I didnt studied at all..I gave my exams purely on the basis of my long-term memory..I decided to be a little adventurous (well actually I had no choice) and decided to use good ol' common sense and whatever little I had faint recollections of the miniscule number of classes attended.
Believe it or not, during the exam I got some spl. power.. I could see the questions which were not even asked and i answered them.. Later on I remembered , once a teacher said in school "jab paper mein kuch nahi aata to wo dikhai deta hai jo pucha hi nahi hota" ( translated as - When u dnt knw anything in exam, u can see whatever is not actually asked)..
They say u learn the life's biggest lessons in school.. So true.. Sigh!!

Anyways have to keep my fingers crossed till the result.. :P

Since yesterday i'm just reading blogs and more blogs.. And Dont u think my exams are over.. one still left and there is one more very very important task at hand for this week for which I should stay burried in my books..
But just for these silly little two things I cant put neck muscles to spasm and stay away from the lovely blogs and awesome reading material..So here i'm ..Back again...

I landed first on Kaddu's blog and she had installed a yahoo widget with she can have a live chat with us.. I decided to have it on my blog too after chatting with kaddu this morning on this very widget only..Till now I have tried it with Ravi and he was getting my chats twice.later on it was fixed on its own..

So now I'm also a proud owner of the yahoo ping box.. :)
Now to aquaint u guys with the new member of my blog family.. U just have to enter a nick name and we'll set the ball rolling between us.But there is just one glitch.. that sometimes I'm out there for doing some preposterousness..
But no worries.. In those dull moments U can always comment on my posts :P

Sunday, May 10, 2009

A Second Chance??

Just now I was chatting with a friend.. And he asked me "Are you still with him??"
Pat came the reply frome me "Kind of"
Discussion about him ended there but then I started thinking - What the F***k..What am I doing??

I should have said No.Not at all..I cant be with a person who treated me as a crap.

Around two weeks back I called him and he replied "Move On"..And I was trying to move on..

And suddenly three days back he calls me and says SORRY and I'm all for him again..I again start waiting for his calls..I dont leave my phone anywhere.I'm again forwarding those mushy lovey-dovey messages to him..I'm planning my future again with him..

Am I again building a glass castle only to be broken..or should I trust him one more time just to be let down again , just to be thrashed again, to be left again all by myself ..

Am I losing my self-respect??I need to find out these answers before I succumb to him again..
I dont want to lose myself again just to feed his ego..

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Blooger Friendship's Award!

This whole week was spent on thinking about what to blog.It was kind of funny.I used to get these brilliant ideas (as per me!) to blog while traveling in DTC, while my hands were engaged -one is used to hold the rod which prevents me from falling during those disastrous brakes and the other dilligently works to elbow the adventurous (read lecherous) male species..So I couldnt note down those ideas on paper, I made use of my neurons to make some interconnections to register the things-to -be- blogged..
But as soon as I sat to type those down , it was all gone, vanished in a second.. :(
It was like a dream, no matter how hard u try, u'll never be able to recollect what all u saw in that "dream sequence"
And this was not just once, it hapened to me this whole week..I felt as if the world is conspiring against me..Anyways today very dejected I opened my blog after a long time to have a look at it..It had a new comment from Rads.As I was reading that in the fraction of second I got three ideas to blog..And the comment itself was an idea to that makes to a total of four..

For the time being my ideas can wait coz Rads idea can not wait..
U knw what .. she gave me an award -BLOGGER FRIENDSHIP AWARD
I'm all teary eyed and overwhelmed . Ok Ok.. I'm very happy .. Love u girl!

So I'm continuing the chain and thanking you to with my oh-not-to-be -blogged things..
Here is my list of WINNERS!

1. Adesh Sidhu- Not being sarkari is the crisp-iest description for his blog.We both beat each other on cribbing about Delhi summers on twitter :P

2. Archana- Love her Vector Art

3.Dazed by the light I see - A beautiful blog!

3.Ravi sagar- A dear friend and we share a kind of telepathy between us!His blogs inspired me to have my own
blog.Me being a techno-challenged and he being a software professional helps me in most of the
silly things (mind u..silly for him and tough for me ! :P )

4.Kaddu- Her name is enough to be attracted to her.. kaddu! :)No, seriously I love her name and blog..I even
started calling my bro - Kaddu! :D

5.Kokonad - A big fan of his 2-D graphical representation of life..

6.Rads - She was the first one to follow my blog and even present me with this award.

7. Sugar Cube - A sugary girl.. love her posts..

8. Parv kaushik - looks at life from a different angle.

9. Tikuli - I love her poetry..

10.Sumit - still waiting for cornettoes.. :P

12.Dr.Pushkar - His blogs are a great source of info.And taught me about RT on twitter! :)

Please excuse me if I missed anyone..If anyone likes the idea then plaease carry on the idea..Give it to me also if u find me worthy of it.. :P

Update (17th June'09)

Ashwini Dixit : We came to know each other few days back through commenting on each other blogs.Then
Yahoo Pingu came into our lives.. And we became friends (right?? ) ..I love his posts coz he thinks so much abt poor and destitutes.
And also coz he always puts my fav songs on his blog.. :P