Thursday, February 18, 2010


Change they say is the essence of life.. And I'm also not untouched by this law of nature. And in bringing about these changes so many people, situations , cultures helped me.. And I owe to each and every one of them.

One of the very important contribution was the Blank Noise experiment/task that I attempted sometime in March'09 .

Yesterday I got a mail which said about the current campaign being run by BlankNoise. I request you to please read this and contribute in any which way you can to make our society a better place for women.

[I'm copy-pasting the exact matter from the blank noise blog from here.]


I do not deserve to be violated because of what I wear: I NEVER ASK FOR IT.
We are having a clothes collection drive.

All Action Heroes will bring the garment worn at the time of experiencing street sexual harassment, street sexual intimidation, street sexual violence, or being 'eve-teased'.

All Action Heroes will come wearing a garment they've always wanted to wear but did not wear before .

All Action Heroes will be agents, and spread the word, * bring a friend, start collecting clothes as they read this.

*Action Heroes can be male too- we call them the BN guy- and yes all BN guys can contribute too. We want our BN guys to propose ideas via which men can be involved, addressed in the issue of street sexual harassment. All ideas will be published on the blog and followed up if you commit! Are you a BN guy yet?

A big thank you in advance for linking, tweeting, facebooking and making it happen.
tweet with us at


week 1
Saturday Feb 13. 2009
Sunday Feb 14. 2009
time: 4 pm- 6 pm
Bangalore: MG Road

week 2
Feb 20
Bangalore: Majestic

week 3
Feb 27

week 4
March 7


If you are on FACEBOOK
Update your profile pic with an image of the garment you wore when you experienced any kind of
sexual harassment and or select an image from here and make it your profile photo

Update your facebook status to I NEVER ASK FOR IT and mention the garment you were wearing when you experienced
any kind of sexual harassment/ violence

[Reproduced from Blanknoise mail]

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