Saturday, April 25, 2009

Something is better than nothing..

Phew.. finally I'm writting a post..Nothing happened to me,Nothing happened to anyone because of me .. so you see I had nothing which I can blog about..Infact I didn't even watched any movie( thanks to the unbearable sunrays dropping perpendicularly on my skin).

Yesterday I was thinking that I should write that I'm suffering from the very famous "writer's block".But after a session of soul-searching,I ended the meeting with my soul with the conclusion that I'm not much of a writer that I can suffer from the famous block..I know..I know you all must be teary-eyed by now and would be saying "how modest this girl is".But thats how I am..Grown on staple diet of TV episodes of sanskari bahus and betis which somehow seeped into me..LOL

Anyways now the condition is not diagnosed, so no treatment..So you have to excuse me for scribbing nonsense here.. :)

This whole week the only thing I've done passionately is cribbing about the weather.I left no stone unturned to bash the summers..Be it starting or ending a converasation, talking to friends or seniors, buying vegetables or a mobilephone I've used every opportunity ,but all in vain :( I think summers don't have ears.:P

Next on my priority list was pampering every individual I know to convince him/her to go to Lal Quila..But there also I'm a failure.Either I'm not good at convincing or people dont like my company..But I prefer the former is the only reason

Then I went to a marriage ceremony..there it was the usual eat and dance endlessly as if there is no tomorrow..But there was a twist..The boy was Indian and girl a German.So limelight completely shifted to the girl (poor boy :( )As the boy was "sun-kissed" the jealous aunty-jees were working overnight in their gossip factories.". So that was double-fun..eavesdropping on their conversation..

Then I wanted to pretend as an intellectual girl, so I chucked everything and grabbed a copy of Jane Austen's Emma..Thats a different story though that I haven't read it after 10 pages.The real reason is that I've to concentrate hard unlike other books..But here also I love the reason that I'm short of time! :D

Then I took some time-out for my future..And that was the only fruitful thign of this week..

And yes I bought a cigar-cum-hookah pipe..though I dont smoke!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Sound familiar no!!Yeah you are bang on..Its the same old doordarshan serial which we all who were born two decades back grew up watching..
Those were the days of no zooming in and out of cameras..Protagonist in the serials used to wear very "humanly"attire..Never did we felt the need of being a rocket scientist to understand the scheming and plotting by ultra-sexy backless blouses clad vamps..In those days if a household was shown poor,it never meant that they will have 4bhk apartment.It just meant a poor family having hand-to-mouth existence and struggling to make ends meet..
But why am I comparing all those good old serials to the crap we have on our idiot box today.. coz I catched an episode of "Mitti ke rang" on doordarshan today!!And that too the episode which I used to love when I was a kid..
Its a story of a boy who is all alone this whole wide world..and he is now standing at the beach watching a happy family of four picnicking.And then the children from that family who are of the same age as his starts playing frisbee with him..Then they have gave some food to him too..and then asks him to wash their dishes in the waves of sea..and then mom counts the dishes..and she founds out there is one steel spoon missing..They accuse him of stealing that SPOON..Crowd gathers and start beating the boy just for a spoon..Family hurles abuses on the boy,sits in the car and goes back to home..At home mom finds the spoon cornered in the picnic basket!!
Without any added camera effects and background scores doordarshan serials used to comment on our lives..There were so many each from different genre and each reflecting a different persona..Rajni,Malgudi Days,Gul Gulshan Gulfam,Tamas,Hum Log,Buniyad,Sanjha Chulha,Potli wala baba,neem ka ped,The Discovery Of India,Yeh Jo Hai Jindagi,Challenge The Master and many more..
Ahh..I used to love them..I wish I could watch them all over again..Need to find the dvd..I've seen some Dvds in I guess Planet M..I'll definitely buy those when I can afford them..Till then I'll keep blogging about and keep the memories alive!! :)

Saturday, April 11, 2009

How can i move on?

y'day i was going through my things which my mum says need to be thrown out.but i'm so attached to my things i cant part away with these..may be I'm paranoid but I just can't throw away movie tickets of chanakya, delhi-haat tickets,candy wrappers,my completely torned ludo board,tattered skipping rope,my white frilled frock and what not!

while i was in this process of going down the memory lane i came across some cards and some papers with my feelings for u inscribed on those..i read and re-read till my eyes filled with warm tears and made me numb..I could never garner enough courage to tell u what I feel and u never bothered to ask me..Though we were in a relationship for so many years , but I was only a habit for u which u very conviniently gave away for acquiring a new one.

I picked up phone dialled ur number , u disconected and sent me an SMS "dnt dstrb me and move on in ur life"I called up again u disconnected and switched off the phone.eyes again swollen with tear..I want to run away.But where??No place in whole wide world where I can't sense u,where I can forget u,where I can't see u,where i can hide my emotions,where I can MOVE ON

I just hope, wish ,pray may be someday I can understand u, maybe someday u wil come to me and wipe away my tears-smothered face,may be u'll again hold my hand, caress my hair, shout at me, love me..

Sunday, April 5, 2009


I re-read God of small things today..I always feel that me and my brother also have that same connection as Rahel and Estha share.Though we are not "two-egged twins" but still in many ways we are like them.We think alike,as kids it was never me or u it was always us,our mother is also the most beautiful woman..

After reading all the chilhood memories came running back to my mind ..we used to play hide and seek,ludo,carrom..fought for our only bicycle. though I never rode it perfectly, i always used to drive it on a sleeping dog, but still I used to fight for cycle.

Though we fought all the way to the school and while coming back but still we used to wait in hot afternoons , just to elbow out each other..and keep talking and sharing and still saying after each sentence "I hate u and will never talk to u". We were and still are best-friends though we don't acknowledge this.I always know what he is thinking and he can map my mind as well.On the look-out it gave the impression of a 100% hate-hate relationship but only we knew it was just love..We are the perfect examples for those who say that hate is another form of love!

whenever we are together we don't need anyone else..we always have so much to talk,to share or sometimes just to be with each other.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

i love my life!

I was going through my older posts today and noticed that the only thing I'm doing here is cribbing..Sometimes about boyfriend,lecherous men,parents or sometimes life in general..

I mean anyone who will read my blog (for that matter if someone exists who takes time out to read it:P ) will think that I'm one dukhi atma.. So lemme clarify I'm not so stressed out.And this clarification is more for myself...I have great things to look upto..Friends,family,college,pesky neighbours and most of all movies and writting..No no dont get me wrong..I'm no creative intellectual types.. I meant writting literally with pen and paper and it can be anything even copying notes or just endless signatures on a plain paper..i just loove it!How I wish someone paid me for this..Trust me I would have had my income in 6figures..(This 6figure thing I learnt from the matrimonial ads :P ..i was trying to see do I fit into any of those..But alas I dont use fair and lovely! )

and the thing that comes close second is movies..I love all the matter what genre,actors or language(but need subtitles :P ).you'll never hear a no from me for a movie..I saw 10x8 tasveer ore was it 8x10??never mind.. it was a below average suspense thriller..But as it was below avg movie so living upto its genre a below avg man could have easily thought of the same plot 10 minutes faster than what the story-writer had thought..I wonder whats the IQ level of the story-teller :O anyways I felt good after the movie coz I got the answer that my brain levels are definitely higher than him..u knw thats why I love all the movies..good ones teaches you something,avg ones revises whatever u already know and bad ones makes u feel better that someone out there exists who ranks below you!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Dark n Ugly..

(images from internet)

Y'day i went to a very old friend.lets call her namita..we were together from class 5..we used to have similar heights,similar body structure and almost similar hair-dos..But there was one marked difference between us..She was fair and I was dark.I always secretly admired her fairness.I remeber once a teacher told us while passing by us in corridor "are u twins??".. obviously we laughed and said no..and the thing was over for namita but I was so happy that someone compared me(a dark girl) with namita(the epitome of beauty-coz she was fair!).I came back home and told my mom..she heard it and said ok..Nobody understood that time why I was happy.even I didnt..I just knew that somehow I have got some beauty in me..
But when I met namita's mom y'day after so many years I got to understand what that happines meant to me in my childhood.lemme try it out in dialogues..
me: namaste aunty..
namita's mom: namaste are u??
me: me fine..u tell..
namita's mom: good.but beta ye kya ho gaya??(giving a scary look)
namita's mom: tu to aur bhi kali ho gayi..kuch lagaya kar skin par..aajkal to itni creams aati hain.rang pakka ho gaya to shadi bhi nahi hogi..
me : (can not u'stand how to react) koi baat nahi aunty..nahi karungi shadi..
namita's mom:(cajoling) arey nahi aisa kyun keh rahi hai..koi na koi to mil hi jayega tujhe bhi..
namita interrupts her moom to stop embarrasing me..

I thought may be namita is different from her mother..but she has alrready stepped in her mother shoes..she said you dont worry ..I'll tell you one face pack..after using that u'll be fair in flat 3 cousin has experienced this(and she was giving a concerned look)

But I suppose this dark complexion prob is not only limited to just namita and her is very deep rooted in our society.
And now a days there's a new euphemism emerging for dark skins like rusty,dusky tones ..I just feel why is there any need to describe our complexion?have u ever seen a fair girl being described as "a dawny toned-girl"?? (sorry but my creativity doesnt run so much to create euphemisms)
I have met many people who try to push me into depression just coz i am not "fair".But thankfully they have never succeeded(though I admit I was a bit concerned till I was in maybe class8 or 9)..I wish people live their own life and let everybody live their.. :)