Saturday, December 26, 2009


I'm terribily missing the spotlight on me , the cheers , the costumes , the hustle-bustle just about five minutes before stepping on , the make-up , that cardboard cut out room , that dholak.. I wish those days come back again..

There is something strong , something out of this world happens when you step up there, when your audience stops their part of the world just to see you perform..
It gives you jitters when they break into an applause , a silly joke gives a round of laughter ...

You can be a politician at the age of twelve when you don't know who the ruling party is..

You can be a village girl romancing a boy when you don't know there is something beyond friendship..

You can be a school girl at the age of 24..

You can be a girl who regains her virginity (yeah seriously . I've played this character.. :P ) ;-)

School days were so much fun.. those endless practice sessions of poetry recitation , that n-th times rehearsed debates...

missing all of that..

Infact so terribbly missing that i'm trying to format this post for about a week but still not able to do that.. so finally I'm posting it like i've it in my drafts with some random pics..

Pardon the poor picture quality coz I've clicked pics of the pics.. :P
will add some more later.. school album missing as murphy uncle never leaves me alone.. :D