Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Papa wants to cut my tongue! :(

Yeah you read it right!! My Papa wants to cut my tongue.. No its not any saying,idiom , adage , legend or anything even remotely related to that.. He really means it.. literally.. :(

All hell broke loose when I woke up this morning and my Papa all of a sudden announced that you are going to the see the doc today itself to get your tongue cut..
Listening to him, I thought may be I'm still sleepy but noooo.. IT WAS HARSH REALITY..!!

Papa wants to cut my tongue..

Probable reasons:
1. I speak too much by his standards. :D :D
2. I don't clean my tongue properly.. :P
3. I'm getting fatter day by day 'coz of love for food.. ;)

You must be thinking these cant be reasons to cut the only tongue of your one and only but very difficult daughter ;-)

Well you are right.. There are some better reasons..

1. To decrease my dependency on tongue wagging smileys and be able to wag tongue
I'm one of those unfortunate kids who could never tease other children by showing
my tongue.. :( Poor me.. ;(

2. To be able to pick out that spinach in my teeth without using tooth pick.. ;-)

3. This is an interesting one -->> Participate equally in tongue-involved french
kiss :P

4. Increase the general mobility of my tongue.. So that I can lick ice-cream..and
not eat it :D :D

Well, Its sad but true.. I'm tongue-tied. Take it literally again..

Underside of my tongue is attached to the floor of my mouth.. Don't imagine.. Look at the pic.. You'll get the feel of it.. ;-)

(Image Source : www.ghorayeb.com/)

So I see it this way :Its like the floor of my mouth loves my tongue so much that it doesn't let it go out or meet other tongue of opposite sex.. And to attract my tongue.. you know what my mouth does?! Whenever my tongue tries to sneak out by wagging, it reshapes my tongue into a beautiful W-shape unlike other tongues which make a 'U'.. My tongue likes that 'W' so much that it quickly goes inside and gives a big hug to my mouth :D :D
You again didn't get it.. Right?? OK refer to the pics :D

<<--My tongue

Your Tongue -->>

(image source :internet )
I know its weird but I think a little weird sometimes.. :D :D

And now the reality of it. This condition is known as Ankyloglossia medically and its a birth defect.
I visited Dentist today and he said I can get it cut under the effect of anaesthesia and then I can wag tongue.. :P

But I've opted out of this option.. I don't want to end the love affair of my tongue and my mouth.. :D :D

And my Papa loves me.. :D :D

P.S. : Sorry if u read it complete and it didn't make any sense to you.. I can perfectly understand. You are not the only one.. :D :D

Monday, October 26, 2009

Trying To Blog!

Hello readers..
He He.. :D Ok Ok .. I know there aren't many readers , Barring one whom I force to read my stuff by torturing through text messages.. :P {And you better say that "I want to read..you don't force.." };-)
So coming back to the topic.. I was occupied by some random soul who made me a bit insane.. That soul captured me .. made me sad.. made me a depressed child.. :|
But now I'm back.. And I don't know for how long but right now I feel like flying.. My final year result is out and .. No.. I didn't come out with flying colors but yes I scored decent presentable marks.. :D

Though I have a lot to catch up with other important things right now and I shouldn't be blogging but I just cant stop myself today.. :-) I am HAPPYYYYYY :-)

But Where Was I : Well , I was a little engrossed that too out of no reason.. :D :D Anyways these days I have finally figured out that I'm the most confused soul present on our Mother Earth ..And here I was thinking for 25 whole years of my existence that I'm so logical, so clear in my thoughts , so neatly marked out , so.... hmmm... I can go on and on with adjectives for me .. Yes I am self-obsessed..But not like always-in-front-of-mirror types.. 'coz I've some kind of enmity with mirrors..

The more I look into mirror , more fat n ugly I look.. All Murphy's law just wait in nooks and corners of my home to blast out the minute I'm in front of my mirror..

Oh did I tell you once a professor in his introductory class was staring continuously and then in between the lecture he said..
Prof : Lady, Can you please get up..
Me : Yes Sir.. (Getting up all puzzled with a perfectly plastered smile on my face ..and Trust me I didn't do anything.. I was not even reading novel that day..)
Prof : Why is your hair so messed up??
Me : Sir.. umm.. Sir..
Prof : Is that just-out-of-the-bed-look you are carrying. You better get your hair chopped if you cant manage...

It was so embarrassing.. :( Its not like I don't manage my hair, but my hair , I don't know, of what texture they are of.. The minute I step under a fan they just leave all the discipline I impose on them to be inside that hair clip..

After that class I always sat on the last chair so that no trace of Fan- air can reach there :P But as they first impression is the last impression. That Proff gave me barely passing marks in Internal Assessment.. :/

Ok now enough of rant.. I'll try to come back again soon.. Bye for now..

P.S. Did I tell you I visited Agra... And let me reveal a secret " Taj Mahal is beautiful " :P

P.P.S Pardon any typos.. Was in a hurry.. :-)