Saturday, December 26, 2009


I'm terribily missing the spotlight on me , the cheers , the costumes , the hustle-bustle just about five minutes before stepping on , the make-up , that cardboard cut out room , that dholak.. I wish those days come back again..

There is something strong , something out of this world happens when you step up there, when your audience stops their part of the world just to see you perform..
It gives you jitters when they break into an applause , a silly joke gives a round of laughter ...

You can be a politician at the age of twelve when you don't know who the ruling party is..

You can be a village girl romancing a boy when you don't know there is something beyond friendship..

You can be a school girl at the age of 24..

You can be a girl who regains her virginity (yeah seriously . I've played this character.. :P ) ;-)

School days were so much fun.. those endless practice sessions of poetry recitation , that n-th times rehearsed debates...

missing all of that..

Infact so terribbly missing that i'm trying to format this post for about a week but still not able to do that.. so finally I'm posting it like i've it in my drafts with some random pics..

Pardon the poor picture quality coz I've clicked pics of the pics.. :P
will add some more later.. school album missing as murphy uncle never leaves me alone.. :D


Haddock said...

Nothing like to be the centre of attraction (provided you perform well)

अनिल कान्त : said...

सही लिखा है आपने. स्टेज पर सब कुछ संभव है और आपके द्वारा ली गयी तस्वीरें बोलती हैं. ख़ासकर आपकी अंतिम तस्वीर जिसमें आप छाता लिए हुए हैं बहुत प्यारी है.

Vinay said...

Nice post! The green room is a wonderful place a few hours before the show begins. Everyone is trying to get rid of butterflies in the stomach. And it is more fun, if adolescents are performing romantic roles. The linkups and facing friends after the drama sometimes gets embarrassing!

vipin khurana said...

thats true ......sometimes every one of us crave for that lime light .......i mean .....everyone wants attention n care......
n by the way nice pics .....spclly the last one ......keep smiling like tht only :) .....

Ravindra Merthi said...

i cant imagine how this Photogenic Face cnvert into Fattier Ugly Betty

PS: r u gettin ma point:)

preposterous girl said...

Hi haddock..
Yeah its a bliss to be on stage.. :-)
Welcome to this space.. keep coming back.. :-)

Hi Anil..
Thanks.. :-)

Hi Vinay..
yeah u r bang on.. and when the link up is with someone on whom u have a secret crush , its like blessing in disguise.. :-)

preposterous girl said...

Hi vipin..
Thanks :-) will try to keep smiling :-)

Hi Ravindra..
No I did not get ur point.. :-)

sm said...

nice post
happy new year

Ravindra Merthi said...

Photogenic Face
as in the last pic of this post but i guess this was takn whn u r in coll...rite

cnvrtd into

Fattier Ugly Betty
due to

->getting fatter
->speak too much
->lovs white kurta and churidaar pajama
->wants to be an Actor
->u love long hairs (just need to mak one or two Choti!!!)
->not a stylish entity just prefer a pair of Earings n Kajal

So the Q? iz hw this transformation occur in that Blue Umbrella girl!!!

PS: btw ma vote 4 u if Jassi Jaisi Koi Nahin - 2 get on aired. u r d rite candidate 4 tht character...^-^

Sorry coz i say u Fatty n Ugly.

Megha Chhatbar said...

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Max said...

Nice. I've not been a guy crazy about attention. But I love to make people happy.

Wny not get involved in something similar even now?



Gaurav said...

yup old school days...i miss em too...

Anil P said...

Nothing like school days really. Had more to do with carefree time, not worn by the cares of responsibility that comes later.

There'll be avenues to explore drama even after school.

Adisha said...

The rush of being on stage is truly addictive... Having performed on stage upteen number of times myself, I can understand your feeling :)

Heres wishing you new ventures to take part in.