Saturday, August 15, 2009

And She Flew Away..

She tried to navigate a little. He completely overpowered her. She can feel his warm breath , he tried to fondle with her breasts. She wanted to kiss the world , he wanted to kiss everyone , everyone which may or may not include her..

Who was "she" , who was "he". She has no identity , maybe she is faceless , No maybe she just want to hide her face.. But why . He never does this..

So?? So what.. This is a male-centric world..You can not expect She to be up above "he" ..
Ah you said missionary position.. better get your facts right.. Some "he-s" have problem in that as well..

Ok PEACE.. Tell me something..
Did she idealised anyone??

Ummm.. No.. Not exactly.. But yes.. "He always wanted her to epitomise Meera.. And she did try..
Tried for 6 years..
Tried for 6 long years..
Tried for 6 long imprisoned years..
Tried for 6 long imprisoned prtended-love years..

Meera.. woman who loved his man to the point of worshipping..Never expected anything in return.. Saint Meera..
Saint "She"

He loved Saint "She"
He wanted to be Krishna -the God..

He wants to hit She and then kiss her..
He likes to see She suffocating..
He likes to see She take control of TV Remote..Just TV remote..
TV Remote..
Coz she is fit for that only!!!!

But SHE just wants to break free.. Fly Away..
This time she flew away..

But I have heard they are conspiring.. conspiring to strangulate her..abuse her..

He once said while ziping up ... You are nothing but a piece of shit..
F*#k Off!!


Sachin Khosla said...

eeeee.. very very real but sad

Anonymous said...

Unnerving. Sad. Real.

Toon Indian said...


Unknown said...

as discussed, am happy that u turned out to be a smiling girl out of the entire incident.

delhidreams said...

i wish no woman wud go thru this, but as of now, it is a sad reality.
though provoking little post.
keep it on :)
and i must add, very different from ur twitter dp.
take care,

Parv Kaushik said...

this one was brilliant and awesome!! i simply loved it... the emotions in it have blown me apart...

Prasant Naidu. said...

Life is all about learning from your past so that you can make your present sexy and indeed plan for a better future.
So Keep Running comrade.

Keep Rocking,

ani_aset said...

I wish you added a warning before the start of post :)

But a very profound post ..keep it up

confused rants said...

Good that she break free ..simply loved it.

preposterous girl said...
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ani_aset said...

Just a warning that appears on some of the blog posts, that the content is for mature audience..thats all.

I forgot to appreciate the maturity with which you have handled this topic in last comment.

Congrats :)

preposterous girl said...

Hi Aniruddha..
Oh ok..I'll try to add that..
thanks.. :)

sm said...

excellent post
just wanted to add
she is not alone
its not about thousands or millions
this is the stroy of more than millions
from up or down
the story is same
In Marathi i will say
ghoroghri maticha chuli
in english it will become the kitchen of everyhome is same.

Aswani said...

Nice blog :)

Anonymous said...

Hi there, It is so unfortunate that there are are so many unsaid, unfelt and hidden pains in society .. and every class of every society.

I am glad that you wrote about this issue through your blog and I hope that it helps at least some people come out of the "difficult to feel for others" zone where they have been lead by the " HARSH " MODERN TIMES .....

preposterous girl said...

Hi Aswani..
Thanks for visiting and appreciating my blog.. :)

preposterous girl said...

Hi Sm..
Hmm.. may be u r right.. But we wont let She go into that crap again.. :)

preposterous girl said...

Hi Wecognize..
Welcome to my blog. :)
I hope that too.. Amen!! :) said...

nice post.
a bit sad.

keep writing.

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