Thursday, August 13, 2009

This Time Its NUMERICALLY ;-)

So people I'm up again with a tag.. These tags help me know myself better..
Let me first start with updating you people.I was busy with my exams..Although thats a different issue how much time I actually spent on studying for the exams..As I firmly believe in burning the mid-night oil just the night before the exams..
Thanks Thanks.. I know you all are much I think about the oil crisis my Earth-mates (is it a self-coined word ?!? ) are facing .. Lol

And now as the exams are over.. so I'm here again to put ur grey cells on some task of finding (if any) anything relevant in my blog.. :P

Now about the tag.. I was tagged by Rads a long time back.. So here are my replies..

Four places I have lived:
Only two.. :( And in Delhi also I'm living at the same place.. :(
I sincerely hope life takes me somewhere else.. :)

Four T.V shows that I love(d) to watch:
-Mitti ke Rang
-Star Best sellers
-Potli wala baba
-Byomkesh Bakshi

U guessed it right..I'm a diehard doordarshan fan..But mind u ..Old ones. :-)

Four places that I have been on vacation:
I have only been to my hometown on vacation.. :(

Four of my favorite food items:
As u all must have guessed by my last post that I relish every edible vegetarian item.. So I 'll take this opportunity to mention some items which I saw on someone's tag...
-Chane ki daal
-Rasgulle (not rasgulla coz I want many of it.. ;-p )
-Paav Bhaji

Websites that I visit daily:
-Google home page

Four places I would rather be:
Cant really say..As u know by now..I havent been to much places...

Four things I hope to do before I die:
1. I'm sorry I cant mention that here..
2. Marry a sensible and eternally romantic person.. (which I seriously think I won't.. :( Kind of gut feeling..Nothing like i hate men!! :P )
3. Form a theatre company
4. Explore world theatre

Four novels I wish I was reading for the first time:
I didnt get the question.. I'm writting the novels which i really really like..
-God of small things
-The Fountainhead
-Atlas Shrugged
-Human Bondage

Four movies that I can watch over and over again:
There are so many.. Writting whichever comes to my mind 1st..
-Socha na tha
-Jab We Met

People I believe will respond to this tag:

-Adesh Sidhu


Archana said...

You're back after exams. :) Hope they went well!

PS - Paav Bhaji, mmm. SO good!

ani_aset said...

Wats so good about socha na tha ?? :P I tried watching it once ;)
and couldnt bear it for 5 minutes

preposterous girl said...

Hi Archana..
Yeah.. Exams are always good girlie..Its the result which poses problems.. :D :D

preposterous girl said...

Hi Aniruddha..
Oh how can u say that..Watch it with feelings.. Every aspect of the movie is so good..The confusion, love , romance , friendship , parents , their trip.. everything..
Watch it one more time..I suggest u..

Sumit said...

So u found remarkable way to grab at least 4 permanent comments ;)

Seems that u r doing lot of self assessment and dnt b so negative abt ur wuld be better half...

Bhagwaan ne sab bhainso ke liye ek bhainsa banaya hai bas charne ke liye zameen par chod diya hai ab yeh tumhaari taqdeer hai ki tum kis din aur kis jageh apne bhainsey se miloge :D

Anyways anther diamond embedded in your remarkable collection ...

Keep posting

U rock :)
Happy independence day in advance

preposterous girl said...

Hi Sumit..
Hehee u caught me..haan yaar atleast 4 comments to pakka aa hi jauenge..Abhi tak to 2 hi aaye hain permanent mein se.. :P
Lol @ bhainsa.. Sahi bola boss!!
Ab kya karu yaar thodi tension to hoti hai..hehehe :P ;)

Happy Independence day to u as well.
U 2 rock dude!! :-)

pawan said...

That's an interesting tag!
Hoping to see more of your blog around! :D


rads said...

nice one Shweta..I love Socha Na Tha movie too

Dhiman said...

Oh gr8 to know you love DD oldies ...and also Bhindi ur favorite is a different choice as most women hate that slimy vegetable(one lady friend described it that way sorry) ...
anyway nice to see u back

Ravindra Merthi said...

"Earth-mates" -> nice word

preposterous girl said...

HI Pawan , Ravindra..
Welcome to my blog.. Hope to see more of u guys. :)

Hi Rads..
Yeah the movie is too good.. :)