Monday, October 26, 2009

Trying To Blog!

Hello readers..
He He.. :D Ok Ok .. I know there aren't many readers , Barring one whom I force to read my stuff by torturing through text messages.. :P {And you better say that "I want to don't force.." };-)
So coming back to the topic.. I was occupied by some random soul who made me a bit insane.. That soul captured me .. made me sad.. made me a depressed child.. :|
But now I'm back.. And I don't know for how long but right now I feel like flying.. My final year result is out and .. No.. I didn't come out with flying colors but yes I scored decent presentable marks.. :D

Though I have a lot to catch up with other important things right now and I shouldn't be blogging but I just cant stop myself today.. :-) I am HAPPYYYYYY :-)

But Where Was I : Well , I was a little engrossed that too out of no reason.. :D :D Anyways these days I have finally figured out that I'm the most confused soul present on our Mother Earth ..And here I was thinking for 25 whole years of my existence that I'm so logical, so clear in my thoughts , so neatly marked out , so.... hmmm... I can go on and on with adjectives for me .. Yes I am self-obsessed..But not like always-in-front-of-mirror types.. 'coz I've some kind of enmity with mirrors..

The more I look into mirror , more fat n ugly I look.. All Murphy's law just wait in nooks and corners of my home to blast out the minute I'm in front of my mirror..

Oh did I tell you once a professor in his introductory class was staring continuously and then in between the lecture he said..
Prof : Lady, Can you please get up..
Me : Yes Sir.. (Getting up all puzzled with a perfectly plastered smile on my face ..and Trust me I didn't do anything.. I was not even reading novel that day..)
Prof : Why is your hair so messed up??
Me : Sir.. umm.. Sir..
Prof : Is that just-out-of-the-bed-look you are carrying. You better get your hair chopped if you cant manage...

It was so embarrassing.. :( Its not like I don't manage my hair, but my hair , I don't know, of what texture they are of.. The minute I step under a fan they just leave all the discipline I impose on them to be inside that hair clip..

After that class I always sat on the last chair so that no trace of Fan- air can reach there :P But as they first impression is the last impression. That Proff gave me barely passing marks in Internal Assessment.. :/

Ok now enough of rant.. I'll try to come back again soon.. Bye for now..

P.S. Did I tell you I visited Agra... And let me reveal a secret " Taj Mahal is beautiful " :P

P.P.S Pardon any typos.. Was in a hurry.. :-)


Archana said...

You're kinda sorta back. :) The Taj Mahal is beautiful. As for your professor, you should have told him to focus on teaching instead of checking out student's hairdos. :P

PS - Your "post comment" link is lost because it's the same color as your background?

soin said...

i guess the teacher was bald..i started to grow this metalhead mulberry busy type hair..every teacher made me stand up and asked for an explanation..i told all my profs that i dint have money to cut

ashkd said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
preposterous girl said...

Hey Archana ..
Yeah I'm kinda back.. :-)
I also wanted to tell him to mind his own business but then he would not have been generous enough to atleast pass me in the subject :D

Thanks. WIll check that "post comment" link :-)

preposterous girl said...

Hi Soin..
Ha ha ha ha.. Nice explanation..
BTW what was the prof's reply then?? ;-)

preposterous girl said...

Hii Ashwini.. <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
Date corrected SH :-)

Thank u.. Thank u.. :-* :-*
BTW u saw some mistake jisse laga ki hurry mein likha hai?? :-)

P.S. : Is this ur final comment?? ;-)

Vinay said...

Welcome back! And hope you don't disappear again

Prats said...

Well thats bad on part of the prof. A teacher should never judge a student by their appearance.

preposterous girl said...

Hi Vinay..
Thanks.. :-) I hope so too.. :-)

preposterous girl said...

Hi Prats..
U cant change some people.. :-)
Anyways welcome to my blog.. Keep coming back :-)


Hello Preposterous Girl. Nice to find your blog.

preposterous girl said...

Hi Nishant.
Welcome to my blog.. Good to see you here. Ihope u enjoyed reading it. Keep coming back :-)

ashkd said...
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preposterous girl said...

Hey Ashwini..

he he.. achchha :-) main to dari hui thi ki virgo wala criticising comment aayega ab kyunki maine mistake poochhi :P

Aap to sab kuchh hain Prabhu.. bas wo kal jis jal ki baat kari this.. usko dilli courier karne ka kasht karein.. :D :D

Dhiman said...

Oh Good that you are back to your Blog and congratz on "decent" marks :D...join d club .... and Wah Taj !!!

preposterous girl said...

Hi Dhiman..
Thanks :-)
Waah Taaj :-)

ashkd said...
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preposterous girl said...

Hiii SH :-* :-*

virgos to bahut bahut achchhe hote hain. Ismein koi shaq nahi hai.. :-) Badnaam nahi kar rahi thi.. sabko bas sachet kar rahi thi. :P

Oh mujhe isi baat ka dar tha aur yahi hua.. Ab to wo courier wala sabko bata dega.. log tumko monetize karne ki koshish karenge.. Phir tumhare pair every time pani mein hi honge.. :P

Docomo courier servise aa bhi gayi to kya bharosa.. WO log wo drops bhi pee gaye to.. :(
Aisa karti hoon jab Lucknow aaungi tab hi dena.. :D :D

P.S. Us courier wale ne tumhare pan ki dukan ki franchisee kholi hai kisi IIT ke paas? ;-)

Ravindra Merthi said...

So Vasco da Gamma ghar pdhar chuke hain n the energy gained is out in the form of 2 consecutive posts
(one of them is yuck)

Do u hav backlogs in ur exams as ur result is out this time...just kiddin:)

caught-by-prof-incidence is good one(its good coz not happened wid me:))

btw m nt a tortured entity.

preposterous girl said...

Hi Ravindra..

He he .. no I dont have any back logs. Our result come around this time only :-)
btw which of the post was yuck.. :P
Waise I can guess going by other's comments that u r talking abt the "tongue" one.. :D :D
didn't get this -->> "btw m nt a tortured entity""
Did I say something regarding this??

Ravindra Merthi said...

yep -> actually Tongue Pics yuck

m frm ur readers set not frm d Singleton Set

preposterous girl said...

Hey Ravindra..
Plz elaborate.. I'm seriously not getting what r u talking about??
Readers set and singleton set????
Whats this..
If I've mentioned abt this earlier..then plz excuse me.. I'm not at all able to recall this.. :(

Ravindra Merthi said...

first two words of ur post are Hello readers

==>So There's a Readers Set

and then a part of nxt line is torturing through text messages
==>Since only one is tortured so there's a Singleton Set

i guess you know the literal mean of Set

if m nt mistaken i fall in first category

Now Re-Read my last comment
Should i elaborate more

btw....pardon me but i guess tht u suffer frm Ghajini disease

preposterous girl said...

Hi Ravindra..
hehehehehe Thanks for that detailed explanation.. yeah yeah.. Now I got it.. :P
And thankfully I know the meaning of set else I would have to again ask you "plz elaborate " :P

Yes Yes.. U r ofcourse not that tortured peson i was talking abt.. :D :D
I think u r right.. I'm suffering from some sort of amnesia.. :P

Rachit Goel said...

Dsnt matter, for what matters is that u didn't quit writing after all... :P