Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Papa wants to cut my tongue! :(

Yeah you read it right!! My Papa wants to cut my tongue.. No its not any saying,idiom , adage , legend or anything even remotely related to that.. He really means it.. literally.. :(

All hell broke loose when I woke up this morning and my Papa all of a sudden announced that you are going to the see the doc today itself to get your tongue cut..
Listening to him, I thought may be I'm still sleepy but noooo.. IT WAS HARSH REALITY..!!

Papa wants to cut my tongue..

Probable reasons:
1. I speak too much by his standards. :D :D
2. I don't clean my tongue properly.. :P
3. I'm getting fatter day by day 'coz of love for food.. ;)

You must be thinking these cant be reasons to cut the only tongue of your one and only but very difficult daughter ;-)

Well you are right.. There are some better reasons..

1. To decrease my dependency on tongue wagging smileys and be able to wag tongue
I'm one of those unfortunate kids who could never tease other children by showing
my tongue.. :( Poor me.. ;(

2. To be able to pick out that spinach in my teeth without using tooth pick.. ;-)

3. This is an interesting one -->> Participate equally in tongue-involved french
kiss :P

4. Increase the general mobility of my tongue.. So that I can lick ice-cream..and
not eat it :D :D

Well, Its sad but true.. I'm tongue-tied. Take it literally again..

Underside of my tongue is attached to the floor of my mouth.. Don't imagine.. Look at the pic.. You'll get the feel of it.. ;-)

(Image Source : www.ghorayeb.com/)

So I see it this way :Its like the floor of my mouth loves my tongue so much that it doesn't let it go out or meet other tongue of opposite sex.. And to attract my tongue.. you know what my mouth does?! Whenever my tongue tries to sneak out by wagging, it reshapes my tongue into a beautiful W-shape unlike other tongues which make a 'U'.. My tongue likes that 'W' so much that it quickly goes inside and gives a big hug to my mouth :D :D
You again didn't get it.. Right?? OK refer to the pics :D

<<--My tongue

Your Tongue -->>

(image source :internet )
I know its weird but I think a little weird sometimes.. :D :D

And now the reality of it. This condition is known as Ankyloglossia medically and its a birth defect.
I visited Dentist today and he said I can get it cut under the effect of anaesthesia and then I can wag tongue.. :P

But I've opted out of this option.. I don't want to end the love affair of my tongue and my mouth.. :D :D

And my Papa loves me.. :D :D

P.S. : Sorry if u read it complete and it didn't make any sense to you.. I can perfectly understand. You are not the only one.. :D :D


soin said...

i guess u can never touch ur nose with ur tongue..anyways dint make a lot of sense in first read.. and i read it once only...free

preposterous girl said...

Hi Soin..
ha ha ..:D I know its not making sense.. Its not making to me either so I can understand you see..
But its something strange that I have so I wrote it here.. :-)
And yeah I cant even touch my upper lip properly.. so no question of touching my nose with tongue.. :P

Prasant Naidu. said...

Comrade PG: it was more or less first thing in the morning for me to read. So half of the passage went above my ahead and some did sail smoothly. I loved your love for your tongue(tongue tongue ki khani) and very smartly you proved tht you belong from the field of docs too:)
something diff but quite a good read ;)

Keep Rocking,

ashkd said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
preposterous girl said...

Hello Captain Prashant..
I think I wrote it in a very confused way.. :D :D
So try to read it after a good part of the day has passed and then let me know.. :D :D
Thanks for loving my Love for Tongue and that "tongue tongue ki kahani"

BTW the "diff" in your comment means difficult or different?!? :P

preposterous girl said...

Hey Ashwini :-* :-*
I'm vish kanya with a difference :P coz vish kanya ki tongue to itni lambi aur serpentine hoti hai.. :D :D aur meri to bahar hi nahi aati.. :(
Ye quiz show wala to bada mast hai.. Good point..
par tumko aise publically nahi likhna chahiye.. tumko pata hai na main Deepika hoon.. meri pics kitne shows mein use hoti hain.. Ab ye question kitna easy ho jayega sabke liye.. :P :P
lol :D :D

Dhiman said...

Your post left me tongue twisted ;) coz it was really above my head till I saw those pics BTW my tongue is not so clean like the one you showed in pic :D

preposterous girl said...

Hi Dhiman..
ha ha ha ha.. :D :D even I dont have that clean tongue thats why I chose to copy the pics from net rather than putting up my not-so-clean W-shaped tongue on public display.. :P

Archana said...

Aahhh tongues were not meant to be photographed, haha. I didn't even know that a W-shaped tongue was a possibility in life, kinda cool the things you learn everyday. :)

Prasant Naidu. said...

diff :)
i will leave tht to you to take wht you want(different/difficult)comrade(i hrd ur vishkanya too,:D)
hope u dont spread ur vish via blog and tweets, otherwise we will have another VishFlue :P

The Solitary Writer said...

u took pics of ur tongue showing that 'w' nice
btw when i read the title i tht omg wht wd be this post be like nd then it was really kewl

those reasons wre good....nd hey never heard of this tho...


- Sugar Cube - said...

lol @ the reasons

preposterous girl said...

Hi Archana..
Ha ha .. I ddint know this fact abt tongues that they are not to be photographed.. :P
You r right.. You learn new things everyday! :-)

preposterous girl said...

Hey Captain..
ha ha ha ha..vish flue.. huhuhahahhahah :D :D

preposterous girl said...

Hi Solitary writer.
Hey thats not my tongue.. Mine is not so clean so I took the pic from net.. :P But I do have W-shaped tongue.. :P

Anyways welcome to my blog! :-)

preposterous girl said...

:-) :-)

vipin khurana said...

Some mind -wobbling stuff it was.....but m quite surprised to know the fact.....regrading W n U shaped tongue.....
hope to read something breathtaking from you.....next time....
take care n hav fun....

ashkd said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
preposterous girl said...

Hiiiii SHHHH....<3 <3


This was a super ROFL conversation..
Abhi tak I dont know any W-shaped person except me. to tab tak aapki dukan ke juices ka use main hi karti hoon.. :D :D
I was asking all three "kisse".
ek teer aur teen nishane.. :-)

mujhmein dono prakar ki Deepika jii payi jati hain.. Koi gadbad nahi hui aapse.. ;-)

preposterous girl said...

Hi Vipin..
See you always learn something new.. :P
Will try to write some "breath-taking" stuf . :D :D

Anonymous me said...

Why's that I'm in love with what you write !! -- makes sense or no sense ... I just end up reading it over n over again, call my roomies and force them to read and expect them to enjoy the way I do !! they think I'm crazy.. damn !! .. only wish if they could read thru my eyes :-)

preposterous girl said...

Hi Anonymous me...
I'm thrilled to know someone admires my stupid rants... But why r u anonymous???
Hope to see you around more often.. :-)

Anonymous me said...

I'm always around here.. nah.. not stalking but just around watching your 'every move' - I mean words you type :) ..

'Someone Admiring you' will be an understatement .. I'm in love with the idea of being in love with what you write !

Whenever I type in your URL in address bar it's like falling in love again !! .. the feeling that engulfed me when I fell in love the first-time resurfaces - the 'butterflies' return from nowhere and I just expect to see something new every time I visit your site :)...

And I'm anonymous because we all know that there is nothing in a name :) .. Let's chat the ghostly way till we really hate each other n then a day will come when the 'parda' will go .. that's in years to come now !

Love :)

PS: Feel free to edit the comment to suit your blogpost :)

preposterous girl said...

Hi Anonymous..
Oh I'm really flattered..
But tell me.. IF u so much love my blog then why did u comment so late.. I mean I'm writting for about 6 months.. And u chose to post comment on my stupid-est post , which most of the people said that they didn't understand.. ??
I smell fish here.. :D :D

Tell me when can we chat.. the ghostly way as u said.. :P
BTW I'm online right now on my yahoo ping-box..

P.S. Why would I edit ur comment? I haven't put the moderation on.. so anyways I can't edit it.. :D :D hehe :D

Anonymous me said...

I start understanding what you write when most don't ! :) .. cliche .. wink wink ..

On a serious note I wanted to comment on particular article you wrote about UPSC selection committee and story of your friend 'Akishma' if I'm not wrong.

It's disheartening Truth that most bureaucrat today are those who strive hard to get there so that they can benefit from that position. Though most fit the bill there, everyone does not share the same view. I know a few who want to get in there to really make difference to the society, being the executive wing of implementing the states will, I'm sure the few I know will do justice to their posts !!

In fact, your IAS post was my entry point in your life :) ..

I'm on Yahoo chat, but since I've upgraded to Windows 7, none of the widgets on the browser seem to work fine. Do add me - blue_cascade_007(at)yahoo(dot)com and we can catch up for a quick chat :)


Anonymous me said...

Sad part is I can't stay online for long as I surf from a rented lappie :) .. I'm logging off for now .. will wait for your comment ..

Somehow the wait gives me more thrill, more adrenaline rush :)

Love !

PS: You can msg me on 08010273238 - will not cost u more than a Rupee to say a Hi :)

PSS: I guess I'm in love with 'PS' after watching 'PS- I Love You' .. Ppl blame that I use it extensively ! -- I don't think so .. do you ?

preposterous girl said...

Anonymous me..
Well whenever u can be available here on my ping-box then let me know..

I don't know u to comment on ur usage of P.S.

Anonymous me said...

I'm on chat .. see if u can ping me there ..

preposterous girl said...

Anonymous me
No I'm not adding u.. Sorry cant add strangers.. :-)

अनिल कान्त : said...

Nice Post :)
Tongue Tongue Ki kahani :)

Megha said...

So is your still there ?

Been here for the first time, and enjoyed your posts :)