Sunday, June 7, 2009

YOUTH- a boon or a bane??

For last few days I'm a little uneasy about the double standards our society is portraying..there are 'n' number of problems we can count which needs to be addressed..But today i'm talking about the implications of being an IAS officer..
We all know that in India bearing an IAS office is of not most then deginitely much coveted job.Some students even prepare for about 3-4 years to reach to their dream position.Nothing wrong in it..
But what caught my attention to this office is something which happened to my friend ,I'm calling her Akshima (fictional name) which I want to share here..
So, it goes like this.. Akshima was in a relationship with this guy named Akshay (again name fictionalised) for about three years..Both of them are my school friends so I know them very well..He was this that geeky child, winning every possible award in school for academic excellence and other extra-curricular activities except sports.He was later even the head boy of the school.He used to head those various club meetings held in school which sow the seeds of respect towards other religion , not to discriminate on the basis of caste , creed and sex.. Once in our discussions he said that he belongs to a superior caste and how he should always strive hard to beat Nitin(fictional name) to keep the lower caste down..I was shocked..As for me he was idol of sorts. When I questioned him , he replied that all that is for being the head boy..
it disturbed me but I forgot it later... Then I lost touch with him personally.

But I was in touch with Akshima..Akshima and Akshay started dating after school.She is now working in a very reputed firm on a good post and getting a handsome pay-packet.And Akshay got himself an engineering degree from IIT-D and then prepared for UPSC..After two unsuccessful attempts he finally got himself the dream job..
So whats the catch, you must be wondering..
He broke-up with Akshima last week citing the following reasons..

1.You belong to SCHEDULED CASTE.
2.Your economic status is not as good as mine will be after i'll join the IAS OFFICE
3.You are not presentable to my colleagues..



Are these kind of officers our country is appointing to serve the country who are still in the shackles of religion , caste , beauty ???

I'm not generalising but I'm just questioning the selection process..

Anyone can fool such imminent interview panel of UPSC as a dilligent candidate just by memorising same lines "That I want to serve my motherland and consider all the countrymen as Brothers and Sisters"

They are appointed as our sevants but they consider themselves as masters..The why keep this misnomer -CIVIL SERVANT..?? Why not CIVIL MASTER????

I'm happy that Akshima is no longer with her..He definitely didnt deserved such an angel coz she was the one who used to scan all the newspapers to feed him the news so that he can utilize the time and study other things..She was very busy but still while travelling to and from the office she used to do this..
She never demanded time for her to let him excel in the exams..
And this is what she got..I'm vry happy for her..

But it just left an indelible mark about the selection process of the beaurocrats..And more so because he represents the youth brigade about which we always boast about..

Where are we heading??


Chiranjib said...

The guy is a simple rascal. 'Academically sound' doesn't necessarily mean good moral values and ethics! Why! I have seen numerous guys who have stood out academically, but in between getting technically savvy and cracking that oh-so-tough problem, somehow the basics of moral and ethical values were not implanted. The root causes of downfall are arrogance and high handedness! Probably also synonymous to a robot or a computer. Your friend is saved from harm, else, she would have dealt her life in tears and blood. As far as the civil servants are concerned, trust me, all are not like 'Akshay'. But again, 'down-to-earth' and 'humble' are attributes which are rarely found in people these days! And we need to revise our syllabus to inculcate the value system that is missing from people who need it the most.

rads said...

Truly said..this is what happens often...more horrible thing is that some pay to get the govt. jobs...first of all the discriminating will be removed if the reservation system in our country will be removed...

Adesh Sidhu said...

We are a nation of hypocrites.

And we also know how fool proof are our examination systems. Hence we have civil servants like these!!!!

BTW Good to see your posts after a long hiatus.

Kaddu said...

Your friends' story reminds me of "Legally Blonde". Akshima's guardian angels saved her! She's blessed!

Prasant Naidu. said...

I beleive that the kind of thought process we normally have is not related to the kind of education it's the way we grow i.e. the family values and social status we are brought in as a child. For example it's hard for me to call my house helping aunt to call her maid or by her name but i see loads of them who treat them as beggars. So this kind of classification is there. Rest your thoughts on selection process are true to an extent but then that's why CAT is removing the Group Discussion section(u can tell me better there). So our education system and selection process should change and match with existing system. Rest I can't comment much on the love angle it's again how one thinks. Good the reality came fast rather than late. Rest the youth is not that bad as you can make out from the youth band who have commented on your post.

Keep Rocking,

Parv Kaushik said...

sad to hear such story.. this was so bad... such officers which are educated and represent the new generation x.... if thy themselves are riddled with such bias god save our country!!

keep blogging!

preposterous girl said...

Yeah u r right..morality and ethics are rarely to be seen these days.U knw what i always thought that as we used to have a subject abt moral values till 10th class so all the students must be high on morality..But he proved me wrong..
now i got the point that just adding up a subject also doesnt guarantee u a moral and ethical child..

preposterous girl said...

Hmm.. dnt knw till what time this f*****g reservation system is going to ruin our society..

preposterous girl said...

Yeah I blogged after a long time.I always try to fix a frequency for blogging as u always suggest but somehow my mind refuses to wrk like that :(
Anyways I'm sorry haven't yet wrote the post I promised for ur blog ..will write it soon pakka :)

AJai said...
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AJai said...

I feel sorry for your friend. But I think it's for the best.
And as for the IAS dude in your post, I frankly don't know what to say. The prob with our system is that it checks out the intelligence but not the character of the individual.
Don't get heated up and start looking at caste for deciding relationships in the future. If you do then you have let that guy win. It's up to everyone of us in our own small way to fight the scourge of caste. Let it not come in the way of our judgment.

Archana said...

Ugh, people like that make me cringe! Especially people's false impressions about the fact that the caste they are born into or their skin color makes them superior/inferior. Dumb, dumb, dumb.

This one time I was at a party with some friends, and this Indian guy actually had the nerve to come up to me and say "Damn, you're really pretty for a Tamil girl, in fact, you don't even look South Indian". My reaction to that was, "If your idea of a pick up line is putting down my ethnicity, then you can turn around and walk away cause it's getting you no-where".

He pretty much thought I would jump up and down with joy because what he was implying was that I didn't fit the apparent stereo-type of 'dark, oily hair, etc'. Totally ridiculous. He was cute up until he opened his mouth. But yeah, point being, Indians have too many pre-conceived notions within themselves. Being open-minded & non-judgmental...that's a rare, but hopefully growing population. :)

preposterous girl said...

Hmm... whoever saved her..I'm very happy that he is out of her life..
and I'm so relieved that u r not dragging me in couts :P

preposterous girl said...

Hi Prashant..
Agreed education system needs to be thoroughly updated.We jst cant let ourselves ruined in the hands of education system..
Taken ur family environment point as well..But as the scenario is changing in terms of working parents + work pressure , they dnt hav time to talk to their children ,how can we expect them to instil values in them??

preposterous girl said...

Hey Parv..
Hmm.. Amen! god save our nation..

preposterous girl said...

Hi Ajai..
Dude, whr hav u been all this while??keep coming back yaar.. :)
Yeah whatever happened was indeed best for her..And dnt worry I'll never ever decide anything on the basis of caste..I'm all for taking this battle of wiining over castes further ahead :)

preposterous girl said...

Hi Archana..
Oh my God..The guy actually said that in the first meeting itself.Good that u gave him back what he desrved..
Yeah these notions which we have firmly planted in our egos are taking us can we say anything to the recent incidents of oz racism when we ourselves are a racist lot..

silentlyexpress said...

Exactly a similar situation with my friend. I tried my best to tell him that the girl was perfect, but the parents pressure is just too much on him. however, i feel if he loves the girl he shud have got married to her. another point, all this while that the guy was dating her, didn he know she was a lower caste...just bull shit. How can one select such people to IAS post

Shobhit said...

I had almost given up on my career as a doctor, preparing for UPSC. I wont say anything regarding the selection procedure. People might think that I'm taking it out just because I didn't get through.

But the reality is, I got selected in the Prelims, and was preparing like anything for the Mains when I receive a letter from UPSC stating that my candidature stands cancelled.

Reason : According to them, I, (being a doctor) had applied for the Prelims as a 'Physically Handicapped' candidate while not so for the Mains.

I ask all of you out there. Can a doctor make such a blunder while filling up the application for the job he always dreamt for ?

And when I asked for a clarification and proof, they wouldn't let me have any. Because, don't you know, its all highly confidential.

Anyways, I, being out of it, helped my friend in just the same way 'Akshima' did. Only that he couldn't get past the Interview. And guess what... ? I recently got to know about his outright religious fundamentalist character.

I guess some things happen for the best... !

preposterous girl said...

Hi Shobhit..
Welcome to my blog..
FTW .. They gave such stupid reason to cancel ur candidature.. This babudom is taking us nowhr.. :|
And whts so confidential abt our own application form .. I just fail to understand.. Crap!!

Anyways till the time we have such fundamentalist, communalist character among ourselves we cant really take a shot on the beauraucracy coz we r the ones who form that ..

P.s. Keep coming back :-D

preposterous girl said...

@Silentlyexpress (Aniruddha)
Thanks for dropping here..
Yeah dnt knw how can such crap candidates be selected for such posts..
And there also isecond u that had he loved that girl really , he would never had maried someone else. no matter whoever pressurises ..

अनिल कान्त : said...

ऐसे किसी भी इंसान के साथ जिंदगी बिताने से बेहतर है कि जिंदगी कहीं और बेहतर तरीके से बितायी जाए .... जो कास्ट एंड फिनान्सिअल बसिस पर प्यार की बात करे ....

और हाँ आपने मेरे ब्लॉग पर आकर कमेन्ट किया उसके लिए शुक्रिया ...और वो पोएम मेरी लाइफ से है ....वो दुःख मेरा ही है

Vinay said...

As many people mentioned in the comments, our current education system doesn't inculcate moral values and education. The influence of the society is much greater than the formal education we provide. A piece of news was there in newspapers a few weeks ago. In some schools in M.P. that provide mid-day meals to students, the Dalit students are made to eat in separate plates and wash their own dishes. While the upper caste students are catered to as per the rules. Also, many "upper caste" employees refuse to serve the Dalit students. So, the very place which should teach us not to discriminate on the basis of caste, colour, creed is following such practices.

And to think that the youth are trying to change the society is hoping for the stars. There are very few who are trying to change the societal thinking.

preposterous girl said...

अनिल ,
ओह यह आपका दुःख है .. मुझे इसके लिए खेद है
पर आपने बड़ी ही सहजता से अपना दुःख प्रकट किया है..अपने दुःख को कविताओं और
लेख में प्रकट करने से कुछ देर के लिए ही सही, पर मन हल्का हो जाता है..
मेरे ब्लॉग पर आने के लिए धन्यवाद..आते रहिएगा

preposterous girl said...

Hi Vinay..
I totally toatally second u that believing in youth is a waste of time and effort..Those who do think abt uplifting the society is a miniscule fraction of youth poulation..
We for reasons known to everybody CAN NOT trust our politicians to implement any changes in our age old education system.. They are such lot who even change history to suit to their political preferences and agendas (Hint: Narendra Modi)
Our only hope was the civil servants, which is also now shattering...

P.S.: Thanks for the follow :) keep coming back !

ashkd said...
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ashkd said...
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- Sugar Cube - said...

Shocking indeed.
If 'educated' people tend do be so biased ..wonder what will be the future !

Racists within , of & against our own country.

Vinay said...

"They are such lot who even change history to suit to their political preferences and agendas (Hint: Narendra Modi)"

Not only Narendra Modi. The Congress and so-called secular parties too engage in this game. In Maharashtra, just because a few Maratha organisations bullied the state government (led by the Congress), the state education board deleted a few sentences from history books pertaining to Shivaji. Actually, as per current evidence, it is acknowledged that Dadoji Kondadev, a Brahmin by caste, supervised Shivaji's (a Maratha by caste) education in his early days. But these Maratha organisations claimed there is no such evidence and arm twisted the government into removing statements which said that Dadoji was Shivaji's guru. All this despite historians opposing the move. And all this for vote bank politics. Maharashtra goes to assembly polls in another 4-5 months.

sm said...

ty for your comments on post what after 1oth standard, i have replied to that so please visit in your free time and let me know.
ty again for giving me such a good comment

now about your post there are many points,
1- your friend can file case of cheating ,if they have sex she can file complainant of rape and cheating etc.
But i will suggest its no use to go there .
good thing is before marriage he has told how much uneducated he is about social justice and morality
your friends life is saved as she is not marrying him.Today your friend has to suffer and go through only once pain,but after marriage everyday her husband would have made her cried by using caste as a excuse.

Sumit said...

All i can say is that it dpend upon individual to individual so by one experince u cant blame the whole community ...... Rest i am also happy that ur frn is out of this thing.....

Nice Blog Gal
U Rock :)

ashkd said...
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preposterous girl said...

Hi Sugarcube..
Yeah right.. Hate to cal such people educated now.. They are just LITERATE.. Nothing else.. :|

preposterous girl said...

Hi Vinay..
I dont know much abt Maharashtra internal politics so cant comment there.But this is pretty much the same scene in every state.. They are just playing the vote bank politics..
I apologise for just hinting Narendra Modi..I should have said Hint:Most of the politicians..
P.S. :Looking forward to a date with foodie .. :P
{Flirting mode on}

preposterous girl said...

Hi Sumit..
Yeah I shouldn't have blamed the entire youth brigade, but when I wrote this post I was very pissed off , hence the result..
But even if I shouldn't have done that but still I believe there are very few of us who actually will ,lets say marry out of their caste , even if they love the girl/boy in question..And when confronted they very easily reply "Parental pressure"..

preposterous girl said...

Hey whatever I felt i commented..No need to thanks yaar..
Yeah I'm also happy that my friend's life is saved.. Nah, she is not taking the extreme step of filing the case..

preposterous girl said...

Hi Ashwini..
Will reply later yaar..sab kuch bhul gayi kya kehna tha :P hehe
BTW u r now added in my blog-roll.
Arey no need to shed khushi ke aansu.. Bade bade shehron mein aisi chhoti chhoti baatein hoti rehti hai..
lol :D

Rachit Goel said...

well, kya kar skte hain! If anyone from my family becums an senior govt. officail in future then i wud ask him/her to do anything...
till then, thoda jhelo...

Dhiman said...

I don't know which state cadre this guy got selected but sincerely hope he gets to UP and has somebody from Mayawati's party(BSP) as the boss :) ;) he'll get his dues....

preposterous girl said...

Hi Rachit and Dhiman..
Both of u handled the situation so well yaar.. :D
hahahahaha... lol :P
Yeah thats the way.. whatever u give surely comes back.. :)

ashkd said...
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muthu said...


I am sorry for the loss of your friend but then again I am thankful that she got out in the beginning itself.

hmhm...I am @ loss for words to write abt the panel tat selects people & am not gonna bash the guy.

We surround ourself wid wat we think is dignity but wat really matters is within us and thats the human spirit.

In naked reality, people who criticize others are not just confident themselves. Who discriminate others feels themselves not worthy to be placed above others.

People will change gal. & it will be 4 the good.

Do U know how I can say thsi confidently. I ca coz U & I are a part of those people.

preposterous girl said...

Hi Mutthu..
Hmm well said .. we r the ones who form the society.. so can't question.. we have to be the change..
Thanx 4 comenting..
Do come back.. :)

ashkd said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
preposterous girl said...

I think I didnt reply when u posted this comment coz we were destined to know each other more so much that u can now perfectly understand that this X is none other than me!!
And about the morality thing.. I didnt write about morality linking it with love.What I meant was his thought process!! As in he must be in that bubble of "social upgradation" of sorts.
Aur parents wala point bilkul sahi kaha hai.. :) U should train these kind of homosapiens :))
Havent seen boys and girls..
Finally reply kar hi diya :)
Copper :)

Ravindra Merthi said...

First of all i have to say Sorry....coz i am going to criticized.
Just i am giving a different perspective of the situation.
P. S. BOLD statements are made by you in your post.

"relationship ...... for about three years"
Nowadys definition of relationship changed....its just a time-pass
Or we should say that either of boy or girl mistakenly use this term
(in 90% cases).
Relationship demands sacrifice on both ends.

"he replied that all that is for being the head boy"
You can find that kind-of example in every field.
Afterall Its a human nature. We do those things which can benefit us
or give superiority over others. If you are in public then you just follow
others because you just want to succeed. At a time we cant think
that what is write and what is wrong. We just sail our boat with the
stream. Ask anyone who are senior in their industry and he/she tell you
better that how everyone push others to achieve something.

"Anyone can fool such imminent interview panel of UPSC"
Again "fool" is not right word. We do what other wants. Every
candidate represents himself/herself as an ideal for that post otherwise
they cant get selected.

"consider all the countrymen as Brothers and Sisters"
If one can say this then how can he/she merry in this country :)
-> Hypothetical

"Akshima is no longer with her"
I am also agreed but why GIRLS are so vulnerable or they
behave in a manner that others(specially Male's) can easily make
them fool. In one line you tell that the boy's view shocked you when
you are in school and you still not telling that to your good friend.
3 years are long ...really long and if Akshima cant find that someone
really love her or not even she is committed towards that boy then i am
just saying dont fall in love with another boy.
She's so innocent. Dont blindly failth others.

"selection process of the beaurocrats"
You objection about the UPSC exam. Tell me anyone exam which
is cleared by only high morals candidates.
-> I suspect about the result.
Even armed forces exams are so difficult which demands a physical
fitness with the intellectuality. Still there are examples of undisciplined at
all levels in army. You cant judge a human nature because we all are
affected by circumstances.

Sorry, Neither i appreciating that boy nor condemn Akshima.

preposterous girl said...

Hi Ravindra..
Welcome to my blog.. :)
I'm responding here in the same order as u have written ur opinion..
No need to say Sorry..Everybody has the right to have his/her own opinion..So u r exercising ur right..:)
"Relationship for around 3 years.."
You mean to say that relationship measn sacrifice.. or u meant that if as u mentioned "90%" couples are mistaken about the Love .. so this 90% must include Akshima nad Aakash??
I mean I really didnt get ur point here.. Can you please elaborate on this..

"he replied that all that is for being the head boy"
Here u mean that whatever is happening good or bad..We shouldnt object?? Oh C'mon, Aakash during her formative years was using casteism and u say that its perfectly fine..
I'm sorry but this still is double standard for me..
U cant just push everything under the carpet in the name of human nature.. can u?!?

"Anyone can fool such imminent interview panel of UPSC"
Yeah thats what I meant..that when u can just fake urself for half an hour for the interview and get selected.. So whats the use of such a panel.. FOOL is the word .. :|

"consider all the countrymen as Brothers and Sisters"
hypothetical?? That is just a quotation dude.. which means that we should not discriminate with each other on the basis of cast,creed or sex..

"Akshima is no longer with her"
Ok u tell me.. Do u think u'll advise ur friend not to go around with a particular person coz once in school he said some stupid things..
Man..Practically things dont work this way..
And how can u generalise that girls are so vulnerable?? Any survey or something ?!?

"selection process of the beaurocrats"
Again the same question..It seems like u believe in "No change" As in u think whatever haappens..happens for the best and we should not meddle in these processes..
Thats fine if u cant appreciate or condemn any of them.. :)

Ravindra Merthi said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ravindra Merthi said...

Hi PG..
=> if anyone of them is not dedicated towards the so-called "relationship" then no need to say that "relationship". Those feelings are not Love like.

=> Not making any remark...i am agreed with you.

=>Even it takes 3 attempts to an IITian(a geeky boy....topper) to make that panel "FOOL"????
Young lady that statement is not making some miracle for a candidate.
Panel is not saying "Oh, gr8 we are waiting for you".

=>yes "Hypothetical"...
The statement is ridiculous...thatswhy i am using Smiley in my reply
If that statement valid then why there's reservation in our society?
62 years of Independence...and i bet for next 62 years or more it remain ridicules in Indian diaspora
No need to say about the basis of that reservation.
Cast based Discrimination -> you can find this in all educational exams, government bodies. WHY?
Creed based Discrimination -> WHY Various benefit schemes for just one belong to a minority group
Sex based Discrimination -> Womens Reservation Bill (very soon it becomes legal)

(I replace Reservation with Discrimination)

Be realtistic...on one hand you are talking about equality and on the other hand you want reservation
just because the so-called lower castes are discriminated by the higher castes OR just because you
want to show yourself as a Secular OR just because there'r very few womens in various fields.

Is not it ridiculous that someone's IQ is less than others just because he/she belongs to a PARTICULAR
CAST so if he/she get lower marks they still QUALIFY???????

=>"girls are so vulnerable" -> survey!!!!
your reply shows that you are awared about your surroundings..still you want example.
Browse that site "BlankNoise" ...There's a post in your Blog.
Why everyone is talking about empowering women if they are not vulnerable!!!

=>Plzz tell me a valid selection process for the Bureaucrats.
(since you not satisfy)
OR file a petition under RTI against UPSC IAS Exam procedure.
I pray for your success because Fortune favors the Brave.
Mayb in future only deserved candidates get selected.

Overall its nice to reading all your views...
System changed only when there'r Preposterous Girl kind-a
persons who believe in equality by their heart not just literally posing that in Constitution.

Again I feel regret for my words