Sunday, June 7, 2009

Padhai ke Side-Effects!

Like all good things like Fun , Food and Friendship , if classes are attended way more than required by student's unsaid standards , then it shows signs. And I'm saying all this coz I'm a victim of this deadly actually its a syndrome..
Its like a vicious circle..Once you are trapped into any part of the loop , there is no escape..
I used to be a regular college girl with bunking more classes than attending and then giving exams on the basis of tips given here.And i knw you all would trust me on this that i fared almost equal to the toppers..
Ok Ok I exaggerated , but I managed to pass farely on my own with little help from oogling eyes.. And yes i have to mention that this talent of popping your eyeballs out without ever letting them fall is taught free here in India ..Remeber those men standing on the corners of the roads .. You just have to walk down the road ... no no not too far away just walk down your local gali.. I'm sure you'll manage to observe atleast 1- 2 oogle-rs..Just observe them, and look you are all set to give exams with newly acquired talent of ur eyes.. but dont forget to thanks those omnipresent men..Had it not been for them , we would not have passed.. Now you know why there are not enough programmes run by govt. to sensitize these men as they are serving the student community..

So I was this bubbly kid following the set norms, but one day a seed of radicalism burst in me and at our regular hangout zone I announced my friends that I'm going to attend all the lectures of Probability.Everybody just said its just old world Mathematics hangover and she'll be fine..But I was determined and for the first time I attended almost all the lectures.. Once the condition was that there was not a single student except me in the class..In general also , the environment of that calss was more or less like private tution..It was because no one bothers much to attend class whose attendance are not given weightage for internal assessment..

Anyhow the classes have ended and we have an exam tomorrow of probability..And I have not yet manged to complete a single page of the book coz since 2 days I'm only on phone.Everybody is asking the following more or less the similar pattern on are the excerpts

Friend : Hi
Me: Hi.. Kitna padha
Friend : Abhi kaha yaar.Tu bata.. tujhe to sab aata hoga..tu to uski chamchi thi..
Me: Arre nahi yaar. I used to be present there physically never mentally..
Friend : chal rehne de. sab pata hai..ab bata na jaldi kya kya bataya tha..drama kyun kar rahi hai
Me: kuch nahi..sachhi..
Friend : Achha treat pakka.. jaha tu bolegi..
Me: (good idea)par agar wo ques na aaye to tu mujhe kahega/kahegi ki galat bataya..
Friend: I wont utter a word..thats a promise..
ME : and treat??
Friend: @#$%^ le liyo yaar.. !@#$$%
then I told them some questions from last few years just for those promised parties..

This is how my two prep days were lost on phone..And I got the enlightment from this instance that in matters of classes always go with the flow..
I'm heavy with guilt, let me share with u what happened with me in the classes..How I felt cheated..
1. When probability class were about to start we were told we would be taught by a very handsome teacher in our college, on whom i had a secret crush.. which is now over after this enlightenment..
But as soon as I entered the class an old female bengali teacher was writting something on the board..With my heart in my mouth I wanted to run away from there but because of those long sppeches about the use of probability given over rounds of teas and samosas i couldn't muster courage...So i quietly sat down in a lonely corner..
And since then I had to attend all the classes with zilch interest :( ;(

2. After some days , almost all subject's course was covered .so we were required to go to the college just for probability lectures , which other students decided to bunk and as you all know why , i had to travel for about 1.5 hrs to attend that @#$%$^ lecture..
And twice it happened to me that that teacher didnt turned up..And the class was scheduled at 2p.m... So surviving that deadly heat I reached college and then came back..
I obviously never told anyone about this lest they would have laughed at me..

3. Rem i told you, once I even attended class alone.That day while I was waiting for the teacher i was thinking that she would praise me and I'll now be in her good books ( which would fetch me marks in internal assessment )..
But you know what, she scolded me.. firstly I got the bashing on behalf of my classmates as to why they all didn't turned up and Secondly that I should have informed her so that she didnt have to travel all the way just to teach a single student..
So all hopes crashed then and there..

4. I didnt understood a word in class coz already i used to be in my dream world(as I used to be without my friends who keep me awake) and to add to that the teacher had heavy bengali accent ..

So after attending I'm not even half prepared as to when I didn't attended a SINGLE CLASS..All my prep time lost on phone..
So I thought to enlighten you all so that no one falls prey to these monsters-cum-classes..

P.S. : I'm adding my signature to my posts now which I used to love whenever I visited Kaddu's or Chiranjib's blog.. I hope Kaddu won't file any copyright thingie on me , as since I'm her reader I'm always on the lookout to lift things up from her blog ! :P


ashkd said...
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preposterous girl said...

Yeah we have some strange subjects..And may be probability to check how many patients turn up in our clinic and how much are actually treated.. :P
Yeah I saw the comment and u knw na we both first lurk arnd each other post's and then only leave our valuable feedback .. lol
I think I didnt even commented on ur latest post.I had something to say abt that too..
I have verbal diarrhoea of sorts..
And check the other post too..I knw u would have something to say about that too.. :)

ashkd said...
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- Sugar Cube - said...

Darn! It happened with me twice or thrice..I went all the way to coll to attend a lingo class & our ma'am did not turn up ! It drived me crazy.
Secret crush , crushed ? This one's too probable in coll :P

that was expecting to notch up scores being the only one to attend & instead your teacher scolding you for other ppl's absence! :D I've been there too !

And what are you exactly studying ? Its just June first week..coll up on already ?

The signature's nice =)

Kaddu said...

LOL! Wish u all the best for ur exam...
And the signature looks very sexy indeed! ;)
No wont file any "copyright thingie" on u! I also lifted it off DayDreamer's blog. In fact, not just lifted it off, he had to send me a mail & explain me how to do it! :p

Parv Kaushik said...

hahahahha!! this was a funny one.. really enjoyed it! good one buddy... the ogling eyes was such a revelation to me.. its like seeing the world thru a girls eyes!

preposterous girl said...

ha ha ha ha..
me too waitimg for ur ek aur comment on this one and the 1st one for the other post ..I hope u got me :P
BTW kal pakka I'm visiting ur blog and leave my footprints there :P

preposterous girl said...

@Sugar cube..
Yeah the signature is cool na.. :)
Hmm some people are expected to study in mid summers :( ;(....
Crush perfectly crushed now .. no signs of Life in it now :P

preposterous girl said...

yay yay I won.. U didnt had to gave me tutorials for signature..I managed it with google-mera sacha sathi :P

preposterous girl said...

Yeah try seeing the world through a girl's eye..U'll always end up seeing a brighter side of everything :)
BTW u knw what I always find u very heavy on philosophy stuff.. Write some fun post..Its a request from a fan :) or if u already have one please provide the link yaar :)

Archana said...

Haha cutting class - everyone's done it. It's like a right of passage of college. :) But I'm not gonna lie, I fall into the category of individuals that attends pretty much all of my classes/lectures. Partially had to do with the fact that I was taking courses that interested me, my professors were entertaining, and that the classroom was filled with a good amount of eye-candy.

Haha my motto to success, work hard, play hardER. ;)

preposterous girl said...

Hi Archana..
Oh good to see atleast some of us seriously attends classes ;)
In my class all the "Eye Candies" were already Hard Luck there too for me :(

silentlyexpress said...

haha hillarious :)...i had the bug of attending all the classes till my PG days.

Kokonad said...

Ha ha ha ha ha! I SO relate to that conversation! I sometimes feel that school was more competitive than college. I guess it was! College mein nobody cared :P
Awesome post, PrepGirl (I hate to call you Preposterous Girl because you aren't one. I mean you are a girl, but not preposterous)

preposterous girl said...

Hi Aniruddha..
Chalo U r also a part of Archana's team. She also said that she used to attend all the classes ..
U two have got stamina.. :P lol

preposterous girl said...

Hi Koke..
Oh thanx. Atleast u considered me a girl ;)
I love this name yaar.. Anyways u can call me anything u like..No issues on that.. Just lemme knw ..
Hmm.. me too of the opinion that school's environment is more competitive than college.. May be coz parents are also fully focussed over studies in school.. Whatever it is I still love and miss school days the most :)

Rachit Goel said...

hehe...pta nhi kya tha par ko bhi tha, acha tha...
Kar liya karo kabhi -2 class, it helps, atleast to impress people tht u're attending...