Sunday, May 24, 2009


Last week was a little hectic..Internal assessment was gng on in college, So I was supposed to study .Though I hardly made any new interconnection between the neurons but still whole room was smelling profusely of academic books and the usual mess of papers and novels took a back seat..
So I was all set with the paraphernalia associated with the exam like a pile of xeroxed notes from collected from last 5year's nerds , lib. refrence books and usual dose of maggi was bought in case of emmergency craving for food at night..

But all pre-studies efforts went futile (except the maggi :P) coz I didnt studied at all..I gave my exams purely on the basis of my long-term memory..I decided to be a little adventurous (well actually I had no choice) and decided to use good ol' common sense and whatever little I had faint recollections of the miniscule number of classes attended.
Believe it or not, during the exam I got some spl. power.. I could see the questions which were not even asked and i answered them.. Later on I remembered , once a teacher said in school "jab paper mein kuch nahi aata to wo dikhai deta hai jo pucha hi nahi hota" ( translated as - When u dnt knw anything in exam, u can see whatever is not actually asked)..
They say u learn the life's biggest lessons in school.. So true.. Sigh!!

Anyways have to keep my fingers crossed till the result.. :P

Since yesterday i'm just reading blogs and more blogs.. And Dont u think my exams are over.. one still left and there is one more very very important task at hand for this week for which I should stay burried in my books..
But just for these silly little two things I cant put neck muscles to spasm and stay away from the lovely blogs and awesome reading material..So here i'm ..Back again...

I landed first on Kaddu's blog and she had installed a yahoo widget with she can have a live chat with us.. I decided to have it on my blog too after chatting with kaddu this morning on this very widget only..Till now I have tried it with Ravi and he was getting my chats twice.later on it was fixed on its own..

So now I'm also a proud owner of the yahoo ping box.. :)
Now to aquaint u guys with the new member of my blog family.. U just have to enter a nick name and we'll set the ball rolling between us.But there is just one glitch.. that sometimes I'm out there for doing some preposterousness..
But no worries.. In those dull moments U can always comment on my posts :P


Sumit said...

That gadget is pretty neat. Even I was chatting with Kaddu yesterday. :D (Of course, I didn't disclose my identity initially, posing as 'miss_teerious ka fan' :P

preposterous girl said...

@ Sumit
Hey that must have been fun..Y didnt u told me earlier..I would hav also tried my luck as prospective groom for her!! ;)

rads said...

Err for some reason I don't see your chat I have to install some plugin to view it? BTW all the best with your results :)

preposterous girl said...

And Kaddu said its built on Flash so u just need that I think..It was wrkng fine with other visitors..

nishchaya said...

This post triggered a nostalgia of sorts. During my college days, we had three options:
1) study from books - meant only for knowledgeable types.
2) study from xeroxed notes from seniors - meant only for toppers (or the marks securing hounds, as I call them). This was the worst stuff, as the cheap xerox notes (40 paise per page) emitted an ethereal smell of kerosene ;-)
3) analyze the last 5 years questions, mug them up and pray to God for not giving us any surprises - Yes, the rest of us were in this category ;-)

I hope you're not one of us.

Parv Kaushik said...

reminds me of my examz which have just got over!! i hav my own theories of examz like yours... like i study objectively and reproduce subjectively... thts funny actually since it requires a high amount of "creative writing" which thankfully i hav acquired from writing my blog!!!

Archana said...

Eeks exams. I feel like even though I just graduated from Uni last May, studying seems so far back! And Maggi noodles is a wonderful thing - I grew up in Indonesia and their noodles, 'Indo-Mie' is AMAZING. Haha, I've OD-ed on that on many, many study nights.

Good luck for your results! :)

preposterous girl said...

Hey Nischaya..
U hoped against the hope dude..I'm definitely one of u , just mugging the last 5-7 yrs answers and getting the avg decent marks..
Oh no wait.. on second thoughts may be I'm a hybrid between the 2nd and 3rd species as mentioned by :D :D
And here in univ xerox rate is still 35paise.. Just a piece of info :-P

preposterous girl said...

Oh so u were also busy in ur exams..yeah i knw blogging has proved to be a boon to our studies as well..Now we can answer any question from any genre ;) wht say!! :D
And hey that was a nice line "i study objectively and reproduce subjectively..."
Hey do u hav copyright for this or can I use it???? :P

preposterous girl said...

Luck U yaar!! U zoomed ahead of this exam phase..
hey Y dnt u do a vector of a maggi noodle pack.. I'm sure u'll make it all the more delicious.. :D

Kaddu said...

:O "Prospective Groom"????
Arre we were just playing 20 questions to guess his identity... & I think I managed to solve the mystery within the first 5 questions only! :-D

@ rads: Yeah, I think u'll need the flash player for the browser & it shud show up fine after that! Or maybe it was just a temporary server prb, which has perhaps sorted itself out by now! :-/

@ all: LOL! Looks like blogging & studying just don't go too well with each other! :-p

preposterous girl said...

@ kaddu..
Just Caught my mind that PG can be expanded as Prosprective Groom ;) ;) LMAO

Adesh Sidhu said...

Send your Maggi story to Nestle guys and you might appear on TV :-)

All d best for your remaining exam and I hope you will not do any more mahanta (remember!) and play safe.

sm said...

nice post.
best luck for your exams.
school and collage days are the best days of life.

preposterous girl said...

Yeah right..Good Idea..Lemme give it a shot :P
But I think they need it in one line format..

Ha ha ha ha .. u remember my 'mahanta'..Now just prac left..I dnt think I'm so creative as to do that kind of stunts as in finding symptoms which the subject is not even reporting.. ;)
But u never knw..So I'm keeping my fingers crossed :)

and thanks for wishing luck :)

preposterous girl said...

Hey whr were u ??Seeing u after a long time on my post..
Anyways I love my school days..can never forget those.. :)

- Sugar Cube - said...

Believe it or not, during the exam I got some spl. power.. I could see the questions which were not even asked and i answered themLol!! hehe =)

Chiranjib said...

beautiful blog, girl...
and yes, am not sure if all ur exams are over... but best of luck, nevertheless.. :D

preposterous girl said...

HI Chiranjib..
Welcome to my blog.. Exams are a never ending process so keep the wishes coming :)..
Keep visiting . me too loved ur blog..

preposterous girl said...

@ Sugarcube..
yeah really..I always get this power during the exams..Try urself.Go to the examhal without any prep and u;ll be blessed with these spl. powers.. ha ha

P.S. try at ur own risk :D :D :P :P

calvy said...

This Yahoo widget looks cool:) Coming to other meaty things,I'd like to extend my best wishes for thy well:)

अनिल कान्त : said...

like ur thought and style !!

मेरी कलम - मेरी अभिव्यक्ति

preposterous girl said...

Hi Calvy.
First time here na?? How do u like it??
Yeah widget is cool..Thanx 4 the wishes yaar..
Do come back haan..will wait for u ;)
thnx 4 dopping by and comenting.. :)

preposterous girl said...

@अनिल कान्त
Thanx 4 the compliments ..
do come back :)

Anonymous said...

test comment

riddhi said...

:) deja vu. exams ended for me in mid-may.. this is exactly what i went thru. My blog roll showed most number of posts during exams. all thanks to the increase in 'venting out' ability durin exams i suppose. but maggie is always there to help us out of exam distress.. keep writing

preposterous girl said...

Hi Riddhi..
Really I'll definitely hav a dekko of ur posts coz i love cribbing abt exams.. lol :P
Anyways thanx for visiting here..keep coming back and give ur feedback..
Oh forgot to mention abt maggi..Its like a stressbuster for me..Heartbreaks, exams or any kind of stress Maggi is always on my side :D :D

अनिल कान्त : said...

I got ur comment.
Hey thanks preposterous girl.
No, I am not in contact with that girl !!

Rachit Goel said...

that naturally happens in college...u dont have to be adventurous for that...

Rachit Goel said...

sm said...

waiting for your new post .
how your exams went ? if any funny incident happend let us know .

silentlyexpress said...

All the best for the results. And i miss maggi now :(