Saturday, May 9, 2009

Blooger Friendship's Award!

This whole week was spent on thinking about what to blog.It was kind of funny.I used to get these brilliant ideas (as per me!) to blog while traveling in DTC, while my hands were engaged -one is used to hold the rod which prevents me from falling during those disastrous brakes and the other dilligently works to elbow the adventurous (read lecherous) male species..So I couldnt note down those ideas on paper, I made use of my neurons to make some interconnections to register the things-to -be- blogged..
But as soon as I sat to type those down , it was all gone, vanished in a second.. :(
It was like a dream, no matter how hard u try, u'll never be able to recollect what all u saw in that "dream sequence"
And this was not just once, it hapened to me this whole week..I felt as if the world is conspiring against me..Anyways today very dejected I opened my blog after a long time to have a look at it..It had a new comment from Rads.As I was reading that in the fraction of second I got three ideas to blog..And the comment itself was an idea to that makes to a total of four..

For the time being my ideas can wait coz Rads idea can not wait..
U knw what .. she gave me an award -BLOGGER FRIENDSHIP AWARD
I'm all teary eyed and overwhelmed . Ok Ok.. I'm very happy .. Love u girl!

So I'm continuing the chain and thanking you to with my oh-not-to-be -blogged things..
Here is my list of WINNERS!

1. Adesh Sidhu- Not being sarkari is the crisp-iest description for his blog.We both beat each other on cribbing about Delhi summers on twitter :P

2. Archana- Love her Vector Art

3.Dazed by the light I see - A beautiful blog!

3.Ravi sagar- A dear friend and we share a kind of telepathy between us!His blogs inspired me to have my own
blog.Me being a techno-challenged and he being a software professional helps me in most of the
silly things (mind u..silly for him and tough for me ! :P )

4.Kaddu- Her name is enough to be attracted to her.. kaddu! :)No, seriously I love her name and blog..I even
started calling my bro - Kaddu! :D

5.Kokonad - A big fan of his 2-D graphical representation of life..

6.Rads - She was the first one to follow my blog and even present me with this award.

7. Sugar Cube - A sugary girl.. love her posts..

8. Parv kaushik - looks at life from a different angle.

9. Tikuli - I love her poetry..

10.Sumit - still waiting for cornettoes.. :P

12.Dr.Pushkar - His blogs are a great source of info.And taught me about RT on twitter! :)

Please excuse me if I missed anyone..If anyone likes the idea then plaease carry on the idea..Give it to me also if u find me worthy of it.. :P

Update (17th June'09)

Ashwini Dixit : We came to know each other few days back through commenting on each other blogs.Then
Yahoo Pingu came into our lives.. And we became friends (right?? ) ..I love his posts coz he thinks so much abt poor and destitutes.
And also coz he always puts my fav songs on his blog.. :P


Kokonad said...

Thank you thank you thank you thank you! :) I really really really appreciate it! :)
And this template rocks!

rads said...

Yay!!! this is my 5th award :). Glad to see you've continued it. Always loved what you wrote and keep blogging.

Adesh Sidhu said...

Hey Smilinggal....thanks a ton. I really appreciate this and means a lot.

preposterous girl said...

@ Kokonad, Rads , Adesh..
Love u ..

Ravi Sagar said...

I am not much of a blogger I just write sometimes. Never thought that someone would appreciate it as well.

Thanks a lot!!

Kaddu said...

Thanks a lot PG! Never thought that entering my blog into this competition would get me so many new friends! The other "Kaddu" at Spirals also just gave me this award... so it makes 2 now! Will have to sit down & compile the list of my blogger friends today!

Btw, everytime I visit ur blog, I'm just so tempted to switch to the template u r using! But then I'm hit by a sudden (and rare!) wave of practicality & realize I might just have to redo the font colors etc for all the elements on my blog... & also that my regular readers might feel a bit lost when they don't find stuff whr they r used to finding it! So I let the temptation pass by me...

Archana said...

Aww thank you! :) That's really sweet of youuu! Btw, love this new layout. And I would reciprocate the award if I had a personal blog. And it's your "oh-not-to-be -blogged" about things that makes me come back and read. :O)

- Archana

preposterous girl said...

@ ravi
A professional blooger who inspired me to blog saying he is not much of a blogger..And u knw i appreciate ur write-ups.. :)
Thanks for appreciating the layout..yeah me too got many blogger friends coz of that compettition!
Ur comment here is a reciprocation in itself girlie! :)

P.S. :@ Ravi
everyone seems to like my template.and u said its just "thik-thaak" :P

vekke said...

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Dazed by the Light I See... said...

Thanks a lot... I must say, you made my day or rather night... That was chooo chweet of you... And its my first award... Yay! I got an award... :)

By the way, I totally totally love your blog!!!

Analytics said...

Hey Nice layout :)

Thanks for adding me in your fren request and found sumthing to write abt me also.....

BTW Cornetto iceream parlour is not providing home delivery :P

Pushkar said...

Thanks for this nice surprise. My 2nd & i'm on the moon.

Great new template & arrangements absolutely perfect. May be arrangement is a girl thing. i 've seen lot of guys making mess of it. I myself fiddle with it almost every other day & still i never get it right.

preposterous girl said...

U r welcome!!And thanks for appreciating the template :)

Rachit Goel said...