Saturday, April 25, 2009

Something is better than nothing..

Phew.. finally I'm writting a post..Nothing happened to me,Nothing happened to anyone because of me .. so you see I had nothing which I can blog about..Infact I didn't even watched any movie( thanks to the unbearable sunrays dropping perpendicularly on my skin).

Yesterday I was thinking that I should write that I'm suffering from the very famous "writer's block".But after a session of soul-searching,I ended the meeting with my soul with the conclusion that I'm not much of a writer that I can suffer from the famous block..I know..I know you all must be teary-eyed by now and would be saying "how modest this girl is".But thats how I am..Grown on staple diet of TV episodes of sanskari bahus and betis which somehow seeped into me..LOL

Anyways now the condition is not diagnosed, so no treatment..So you have to excuse me for scribbing nonsense here.. :)

This whole week the only thing I've done passionately is cribbing about the weather.I left no stone unturned to bash the summers..Be it starting or ending a converasation, talking to friends or seniors, buying vegetables or a mobilephone I've used every opportunity ,but all in vain :( I think summers don't have ears.:P

Next on my priority list was pampering every individual I know to convince him/her to go to Lal Quila..But there also I'm a failure.Either I'm not good at convincing or people dont like my company..But I prefer the former is the only reason

Then I went to a marriage ceremony..there it was the usual eat and dance endlessly as if there is no tomorrow..But there was a twist..The boy was Indian and girl a German.So limelight completely shifted to the girl (poor boy :( )As the boy was "sun-kissed" the jealous aunty-jees were working overnight in their gossip factories.". So that was double-fun..eavesdropping on their conversation..

Then I wanted to pretend as an intellectual girl, so I chucked everything and grabbed a copy of Jane Austen's Emma..Thats a different story though that I haven't read it after 10 pages.The real reason is that I've to concentrate hard unlike other books..But here also I love the reason that I'm short of time! :D

Then I took some time-out for my future..And that was the only fruitful thign of this week..

And yes I bought a cigar-cum-hookah pipe..though I dont smoke!


Sumit said...

Nice Post ... My sympathy with Boy and congrats for ur cool Phone :).

And BTW wat u will do with so Called CIGAR CUM HOOKA PIPE ??

preposterous girl said...

nothing..It was looking nice thats y I picked it up!

Adesh Sidhu said...

Why you are suggesting people to visit Lal Quila in this hot and simmering sun?????

preposterous girl said...

coz I really feel mesemerized seeing those giant red walls..I daily cross lal quila..from front in mornings and back side in evenings..and still not able to visit it even once as a grown-up..
I've been there as a kiddo in school picnics whr more than visiting places its more abt having those orange ice-candies that teachers distributes..

sm said...

what is speical about red fort ?
you can mention the love story of german girl and boy how they meet etc ?
just a friendly suggestion

preposterous girl said...

@ sm.
I dnt knw them personally..just knw whtvr I hav overheard conversations among neighbours..
And i just want to visit it..Nothing worth-mentioning.
But thanks for dropping-by and suggesting.

AJai said...

Forgive me for asking, but what is a Cigar-cum-hookah pipe? Are you talking about a Chillam? In case you are I know many things you can do with it! ;)
Nice post. Stuck jobless in the middle of summer- I can empathize with that completely. You try and find ways to beat the heat and Chill out. Have fun!

rads said...

Seems like you had a great time and yes i'd love to hear more about the German gal n Indian Guy love story...
Psst...I can't read Emma continously too...

Namita Chandra said...

Voted for you for the blogger's choice awards. I sincerely feel you deserve the award. I have read Emma, in one go, and read sense and sensibility as well as pride and prejudice.

preposterous girl said...

Hi AJai..
I dnt knw if its also knwn as chilam or not..
The thing I have has 3 detachable parts which can be joined together to make a hukka or a cigar pipe in 8 different ways..and the hukka is not that big , its just the size of the cigar pipe..
Do tell me what all I can do with that!May be that can help to beat the summer :P

preposterous girl said...

@ rads..
Hey girlie..The thing is I dnt knw that couple personally..But on huge public demand [LOL]I'll try to find it out..

preposterous girl said...

@ Namita
Thanks for voting and dropping by..
Oh U can read it in one go..I've left it and shifted to P.G.woodehouse.. Have to take inspiration from u..

Parv Kaushik said...

nice one!! pretty funny.. u hav got a nice sense of humour.. a funny way of looking at things!!

keep blogging!!

preposterous girl said...

Thanks 4 appreciation!

Prasant Naidu. said...

Lal Quila that's on my list too. Rest yaah i like the hobby of taking out time and thinking about future. I need to learn u have any crash course doc :)

keep rocking,

Anonymous said...

Funny post! Nice talent when you can churn up a whole post on pretty much nothing!
Found you on indiblogger.
Would love to see more of you! :)

preposterous girl said...

hahaha..lets see how far this nothing takes me..

Archana said...

Heyy, how was the wedding ceremony in itself? A mix of cultures, or an Indian wedding? I think interracial couples are adorable - - and they always end up having such gorgeous babies, heh.

PS - Nice new layout, I was on vacation so I just saw it now. :)

preposterous girl said...

@ Archana
it was an indian wedding..And i'm also excited to see their babies..
Reply to P.S. : Thanks!

rads said...

Hey Swetha, lovely suits your blog...btw you have been awarded a blogger friendship award, chk:
Hope you'll carry this forward.

Rachit Goel said...

After pretty much time, i got a blog worth reading...I'm following u, wishing u to come to my blog too...