Saturday, April 11, 2009

How can i move on?

y'day i was going through my things which my mum says need to be thrown out.but i'm so attached to my things i cant part away with these..may be I'm paranoid but I just can't throw away movie tickets of chanakya, delhi-haat tickets,candy wrappers,my completely torned ludo board,tattered skipping rope,my white frilled frock and what not!

while i was in this process of going down the memory lane i came across some cards and some papers with my feelings for u inscribed on those..i read and re-read till my eyes filled with warm tears and made me numb..I could never garner enough courage to tell u what I feel and u never bothered to ask me..Though we were in a relationship for so many years , but I was only a habit for u which u very conviniently gave away for acquiring a new one.

I picked up phone dialled ur number , u disconected and sent me an SMS "dnt dstrb me and move on in ur life"I called up again u disconnected and switched off the phone.eyes again swollen with tear..I want to run away.But where??No place in whole wide world where I can't sense u,where I can forget u,where I can't see u,where i can hide my emotions,where I can MOVE ON

I just hope, wish ,pray may be someday I can understand u, maybe someday u wil come to me and wipe away my tears-smothered face,may be u'll again hold my hand, caress my hair, shout at me, love me..


rads said...

ahh getting nostalgic i guess. actually going down the memory lane is a nice refreshing way for brains. i still have many such stuff packed away somewhere in my attic. nice post.

preposterous girl said...

thanx rads..
i guess i'm one damp squib as my friends tell me coz i just cant throw away anything which i've used..even if its a used pen or a notebook!!

Anonymous said...

you are not a damp squib girl :) these little things that are part of you in some way or the other are as precious as life itself. I am so much like you. each thing each memory holds a special meaning so treasure it . lovely reading your work and thanks for liking mine. lv

preposterous girl said...

u r always welcome girl..its always nice to hear that u r not alone in that strange quirk of urs! ;) :P

BrownPhantom said...

All you nee to do is remove the first two words of the tilte of the post and the question mark turns into a fullstop.
Easier said than done, yes :).
Keep writing.

preposterous girl said...

:) thanx brown phantom 4 ur suggestion..
yeah m trying to remove those two words and turn the ques mark into full stop..will post the results soon!

preposterous girl said...

i meant removing words 4m my life..needed to clarify cuz a friend saying its easy- just delete the words. lol :D

Parv Kaushik said...

hey went thru your blog!! and tell you what i ended up reading ALL your posts!! gr888 going!! keep blogging!!!

preposterous girl said...

hey thanx parv..
following u on twitter now!

- Sugar Cube - said...

Time heals all wounds.Emotional problems don't have rational solutions take your time to move on =) or maybe you don't need to.Its really easy for all our dear ones to ask us to do that but I know how tough it is.
Keep yourself busy & do not revisit the memory lanes that hurts you.

Of saving little articles..its become a passion for you , isn;t it ? He he..happens..I myself try saving a lot of things.
Take care..& keep smiling~

preposterous girl said...

hi sugar cube.
yeah i love collecting all the things i possibly can store..i'm trying to move on.
anyways thanx 4 dropping by..
tk cr..

Kokonad said...

Awww I feel bad for you. :( But don't worry! Time heals EVERYTHING. A very dear friend told me this once upon a time and I really believe it.
Meanwhile, do something that preoccupies you. As a side activity or a hobby that takes up 2-4 hours a day. That works wonders. :)
You should realize you are a beautiful person. Don't waste it on someone who doesn't quite get that.
This song always cheers me up -

preposterous girl said...

hey thnx kokonad 4 this beautiful song!!:)
yeah m trying to come out of this situation..
thanx a lot 4 dropping by..

Archana said...

Though I don't know you, I will tell you this, don't get hung up over men that have no respect or don't know how to treat you right. Any man that can say "dnt dstrb me and move on in ur life" or other hurtful things doesn't deserve your time. :/

As much as it can hurt to look at the past and recollect positive memories that make you miss someone..think about it this way, if you get so emotional about missing him, then if he really cares he would be less flippant, and think twice before responding.

My advice, invite you girlfriends over, watch a chick flick on DVD, pop some popcorn and eat a bowl of yummy ice cream - or a round of margaritas works too. :)

preposterous girl said...

thanx Archana for ur advice and for dropping by..yeah I'm trying to spend as much time as possible with my friends and to come out of this situation!

Amrita.. said...

Wow.. random wobbles over blogs of fellow bloggers is actually a nice thing! I ended up going through almost all your posts! ^_^

You express beautifully by the way.. !

preposterous girl said...

Hey Amrita..
Thanks 4 dropping by and appreciating it too!

Kaddu said...

Hi PG! I just landed on ur blog, from the blogger's choice award. Somebody who voted for me also voted for u, so decided to chk out what u were all abt.

Can't stop myself commenting on this post, 'coz it seems just so familar... 3 years ago...! I know it's a lot easier said than done... this "moving on" bit, but this is what worked for me, so u might wanna try it -

YOU are the most special, most important person in YOUR life. And you deserve the best. If a guy cudn't see that to treat u like a queen, then it's his loss! Your guardian angels & God will not let you become stuck with such a person for your lifetime! They will remove him away from u, just like we remove the "kanar" from the rice before we cook it!

Have faith on Him, and leave pathways open for ur real life partner to find you. And blogging is a very gud platform for letting out ur feelings. U mite wanna read my blog from the very beginning... it'll help u with moving on! But to be very honest, when I started my blog 2.5 yrs ago, I never realized I wud keep going at it for so long, or even tht I cud write stuff like tht! It was a self discovery for sure!

Focus on urself for a while, for as long as it takes u - thrs no time limit. But dont contact him ever again, unless u want to do it "Jab We Met style"! ;-) LOL! And somebody suggested above, taking up some hobby/personality-development courses is a very gud idea in indeed.

Kaddu said...

Edit: "kankar" from the rice

preposterous girl said...

@ Kaddu..
Thanks for dropping by..Will surely check out ur blog to look out for ways to move on! lol..
I also started blogging to vent out my felings and I'm sure me too will follow ur footsteps.

suren said...

I have just started into this blog thing recently n feel myself lucky to come across ur blogs..relly close to life..keep up the good work!!

preposterous girl said...

thnks for dropping and appreciating..

ashkd said...
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preposterous girl said...

Yeah its really tough to part away from things leave alone humans..May be we r emotional fools.
Dnt mind!! :)

muthu said...


I have been heart broken once.

No I will not blame her. She never said she loved me anyway. But after spending so much time with her.

After seeing her smile, laugh, cry, tease and shy. I some where along the way fell in love with her.

Its just she never reciprocated and I kept on hoping.

And I got shattered somewhere along the way. But then I understood that

It s OK to love some1 to death but then love is potent if it can make U love some1 2 death, then it will sure give U cause enough to survive death.

Gaurav said...

hmmm what i can say...i dunno what u r feeling inside nowdays...since u posted this a very long time back, and when i see u now i feel that u r really doing well.
God bless you...n alwaz be happy. :)