Sunday, April 5, 2009


I re-read God of small things today..I always feel that me and my brother also have that same connection as Rahel and Estha share.Though we are not "two-egged twins" but still in many ways we are like them.We think alike,as kids it was never me or u it was always us,our mother is also the most beautiful woman..

After reading all the chilhood memories came running back to my mind ..we used to play hide and seek,ludo,carrom..fought for our only bicycle. though I never rode it perfectly, i always used to drive it on a sleeping dog, but still I used to fight for cycle.

Though we fought all the way to the school and while coming back but still we used to wait in hot afternoons , just to elbow out each other..and keep talking and sharing and still saying after each sentence "I hate u and will never talk to u". We were and still are best-friends though we don't acknowledge this.I always know what he is thinking and he can map my mind as well.On the look-out it gave the impression of a 100% hate-hate relationship but only we knew it was just love..We are the perfect examples for those who say that hate is another form of love!

whenever we are together we don't need anyone else..we always have so much to talk,to share or sometimes just to be with each other.


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nice post, made me revisit my childhood memories :) especially it is giving a feeling of 2 months long summer holidays we used to get. Hide and seek, ludo, carom were just meant for those days :)

preposterous girl said...

yeah..and for us it also meant running around trees and waking up to early to go to the park at my "nani ka ghar"