Saturday, March 28, 2009


There are many things which I love to hate.But undoubtedly, without any second thoughts and hands down the thing i hate most is the X-Ray eyes of those bastard, lecherous uncle-Ji's who are everywhere to be found roaming in public places..
It doesn't matter to them that they have a teenaged daughter back home and he stays in touch with her to check if she has not fallen prey to someone from his species..He just forgets all this as soon a girl crosses his way..U can literally see his eyes popping out from his eye-socket and shamelessly holding his crotch in full public-view..Some are even adventurous enough to elbow the girl or brush past her or give that lewd ear to ear smile..
And the girl most of the time choses not to respond and just go away with her head down..But I am totally against it.Why should we feel gulty??I personally try to retaliate as far as possible to these monsters.
We girls and those who care for us have to change our attitude first.I remember once I had to wait for my friend for about an hour.Thankfully no-one molested me(as it is obviously a very possible option seeing the attitude of Delhi males), but my friend felt guilty , ofcourse coz he was late but another major reason was that being a girl I had to wait ALONE in a public place as people notice "akeli ladki". I know his concern was right on his part.But still, till the time we girls prefer to walk with someone we will never get the confidence to face these bawdy men.
I am trying hard to give myself a boost that next time I come across anyone from above-described species I come back and humiliate him publically and kick in his b***s..


Razigan said...

Damn unclejis......

But my personal view to tackle this issue is:

Changing unclejis lecherous attitude is something u just cant do it. Then why crimp and concern about it.

Find ur way to live ur life colourfully. Ignore these craps..........

preposterous girl said...

hey Razigan..
May be u r right but still when someone scans u from top to bottom and peep into ur things. crimping and concerns is the least we can do..
I believe just ignoring them makes them feel as if girls love those bloody f*****g eyes..

Dazed by the Light I See... said...

Totally totally agree... And it's the same story in the whole of India... Hungry uncles... God knows what they get staring at a girl's legs, when they have the same legs(plus the hair) and boobs... I mean wax your legs and ogle at it!
I retaliate too... My boyfriend hates it but I totally shout at anyone at any chance I get!!

preposterous girl said...

oh yeah..i think v need to get a research done on these uncles..
there will be two groups of these uncles..One group of waxed legs and other with hair.then it will be reserched that which group is more lecherous..
And if the waxed ones are on the lesser side tyhen I think we civilized people of the society will file a petition seeking that waxing legs should be mandatory..
wht say!!

ashkd said...
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preposterous girl said...

Yeah i'm not letting my spirits die.

muthu said...


I can tell U 2 be the same -- like -- be bold .. hit em hard stuff--

but then i remember answering a similar Q to my sis when she asked what 2 do when some guys are ogling me....

I replied- Do they matter 2 U??

She-- no.

Myself-- then ignore them. They just dont deserve even your anger....

& I would say the same 2 U----

Ignore them. They dont deserve ur anger.