Monday, March 2, 2009

A New Day!

Its a new month and as always I have lots of new plans in my mind to execute.But I just hope that "as always" these dont get dumped this time..
some of my new month's resolutions are:
1. Start exercising..I'm really becoming very flabby.. :(
2.I'll try to blog almost daily.
3.I'll not let down myself ever again.
4.I'll be happy.
5.And if i'll get time then I'll study :P..
I m blogging my resolutions to keep myself on toes..coz I think mind works faster and in a better way if u jot down things by numbering them..I've experienced it in studies and daily chores..
I think its time that I applt this in living life as well..
lemme try this..will post the results of my new experiments soon..

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