Saturday, March 28, 2009


Yesterday I thought of doing my bit in my college for elections by making students aware of their right to vote.I tried talking to some of my classmates and juniors and the most of them were of the vieew that their vote doesn't really make a difference or they have their names registered in their home town constituency and its not possible to go all the way back their just to vote..
One of them also answered that that he finds none of the candidates worthy enough to vote..then i remembered that few days back I got a forwrded mail that - there is a provision of "section 49-O" ..About which the mail said that if we find no candidate capable enough to represent us then we can by duly filling a form can say that "I dont want to vote".And if the number of winning candidate's vote are less than people using section 49-O then re-polling will be ordered there and the candidate will be permanently banned!
But before providing this solution to that guy I thought better to double check this info.So I googled "section 49-O".The first link I got was of wikipedia..But to my utter dismay there was nothing like elections would be cancelled or andidate would be banned..Thank God I cross checked about 49-O..
The apparent purpose of this section is to prevent the election fraud or the misuse of votes.
There only I got the link
click on it to understand the section better..
Do vote!every vote matters!


Tulika Parija said...

I just exercised my right to vote today and i think that if we educated people don't vote then who will...coz majority of our people are uneducated and poor and cant think objectively about who to vote for.
No one is are the candidates ,but at least we can choose the best from among them and put our trust in them to lead our country properly

preposterous girl said...

So u voted..Me still waiting for the D-Day to come..
and I was not trying to teach people not to vote..I just want that people should know what all rights they have..
I agree no-one is flawless and we have to chose the best out of the rest..
Thanx 4 dropping by!