Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Just Don't Know.

Something is bothering me..And I just couldn't figure it out.I have started shouting on every second person..I just dont feel happy.I have every material thing with me but i am not able to zero-in on the metaphysical element missing in my life.I feel incomplete.I want to achieve so many things and I very well know that this state of mind will take me nowhere but how do i come out of it?? I tried meditation but still i can not concentrate.My mind just wanders to whatever is not possible.. :(
I want to just take a break but once a friend said that taking a break is like closing ur eyes for sometime to the problem.May be he was right.But then what should I do??
I am getting more and more frustrated day by day!It is making me a negative person..and it is making things difficult even for the people around me.for no reason they are blaming themselves..
please help me!!I want to come out of this..

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