Saturday, March 14, 2009

Trying to understand politics.

Yesterday night I heard that Behenji is keeping her eye on PM's seat..Mayawati as prime minister!!The news sent shivers down my spine,I was numb..and quite literally..Then in the morning I read newspaper and I learnt even Mr. Sanghvi was not able to sleep because of this.. :P And I also learnt from the same article that even Amma or Chandrababu Naidu are "pottential PMs".

I am not against Dalits.Rather I dont believe in our cast system.But the actual problem is the section of society(the candidates)which these third front people are- full of greed and just wanting to fill up their back pockets with our taxes and then shamelessly calling it their hard earned money!
I'm sure whatever activities they are carrying on in their regions ,God forbids if they become PM will become a national past-time of all our dear politicians and cabinet ministers..Asking people to shell out money as donations for politician's birthday and it doesnt matter whether you can afford to gift your own child a set of boks on his birthday.The only vision they have is of their bank lockers and not of India prospering or towards making it a developed country.I wonder how she'll cope with all the financial meltdown happening and simultaneously taking India to the world..
Whole world's eyes are on us as we are gripped with the problem of security due to threat of terrorism.The last thing we want is the leadership of third front
I just pray that all this doesn't happen.And for this not to happen we have to exercise our power of voting..

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