Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I'm happy!

Life always takes me back to square one..just yesterday only I decided that I'll be happy and I was working on my resolution.I went for morning walk, admired nature, felt really good..All thanks to my mom coz she forced me to go.she knows nothing why my life is going topsy-turvy but still she always manages to somehow guess that something is wrong,something is bothering me.And here I am who rarely acknowledges her.mums are really great.Hats-off to every mum on this earth.:)

coming back to my happiness..i came back and started studying with really good concentration but again he pulled me back.I was again about to succumb,again lose my self-respect..but good-sense prevailed and I came out of the attack.

Yes, I call it an attack.Attack on my integrity.But I am preparing myself for life now.I am understanding now that the prime motive of life is "Smile" and not just being with someone who gives you hallucinations of "LOVE".

I have decided I am not going to waste my life.I'll do what I like doing..

i'm happy!!

i'm happy!! :)

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